Leadership & Diversity Training Program

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Leadership & Diversity Awards

ACSM is committed to diversity, and values and seeks diverse and inclusive participation within the fields of exercise science and sports medicine. The College promotes expanded diversity in membership, involvement and access to leadership. Diversity within ACSM creates a working and learning atmosphere that encourages varied perspectives and an open exchange of ideas. ACSM will review programming annually to best determine how to maintain diversity initiatives. 

ACSM's Leadership & Diversity Training Program 

ACSM's Leadership & Diversity Training Program exists to mentor and retain minority members by offering three different levels that require ACSM membership, involvement in ACSM meetings (regional and national) and committees, and pursuit of ACSM professional presentations, publications and fellowship. The program also provides mentors to participants at each level and provides participants with funding to perform the necessary steps to remain involved with ACSM from student member to ACSM Fellowship. The submission deadline for applications is December 1, 2021. 

Level 1 LDTP Application    
Level 2 LDTP Application
Level 3 LDTP Application

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