Charles M. Tipton Student Research Award

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Charles M. Tipton Student Research Award

Deadline: April 5, 2021  5:00 p.m. EST


In 2021, the American College of Sports Medicine Foundation will be offering two (2) Charles M. Tipton Student Research Awards. Each award will provide complimentary registration to the 2021 Annual Meeting June 1-5, 2021. The awards will be presented to the students with the most outstanding research projects of the year. Students will be judged based on the quality of the research project via their abstract and extended abstract as well as the extent of the student’s participation in the project.

Download the 2021 Charles M. Tipton Student Research Award Application. 

Students eligible for the awards must meet the following requirements:

1. At the time of application, the applicant must be presently enrolled/accepted into a graduate or professional program in the areas of basic or clinical exercise science or sports medicine at an accredited university OR have graduated from such a program within one year prior to this award’s application date. In the latter case, only work accomplished before graduation should be submitted.

2. The applicant must be the first author of the abstract submitted and accepted for presentation at the upcoming ACSM Annual Meeting. The abstract must be original research in exercise science and should include the following: 1) statement of the problem, 2) methods and 3) results and conclusions. The work reported in the abstract must have been completed for academic credit toward completion of a graduate degree (e.g., M.S., Ph.D., M.D., etc.)

3. The applicant will need to provide a letter of recommendation from the student’s project director using the attached Letter of Recommendation from Project Director Form.

4. Applicant must be a current member of ACSM or one of its Chapters at both the time of application and at the time the award is presented.  If not currently a member, please visit, and click on the “Membership” tab for information, benefits, and instructions.

5. Previous recipients of the ACSM Charles M. Tipton Student Research Award are not eligible for selection.

6. Applicant must submit pages 2-8 completed and combined into a single Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file.

7. Applicant must submit an expanded abstract in the form of a short paper of no more than 5 pages that includes text, images, graphs, tables and/or charts. References are not included in the 5-page limit. The short report must be double spaced with no less than 0.5-inch margins and contain no more than 15 characters per horizontal inch. Submit as an appended or separate Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file.

A quality expanded abstract will have the following characteristics:
a) Is written for an audience with expertise in a variety of basic and applied sciences
b) Is a concise and clear presentation of meaningful research, including 1) the development and statement of the problem, 2) the experimental design and technical approach to the problem, 3) the evaluation and interpretation of the data, leading to 4) a definitive conclusion and statement of the significance of the results to the field(s) of study. 


NOTE: Please submit your complete application no later than April 5, 2021 even if you have not yet received an official abstract acceptance letter. Abstract acceptance will be verified internally at ACSM. 

Please contact with any questions.