Jack Wilmore Legacy Travel Award

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Dr. Jack Wilmore Legacy Travel Award

Deadline: Feb 1, 2020  |  11:59 p.m. EST

Amount: $1,000

In 2020, the American College of Sports Medicine Foundation will offer two (2), $1,000 travel awards through the Jack Wilmore Legacy Fund. The purpose of the award is to provide assistance to fund travel expenses accrued by two (2) doctoral or post-doctoral students to present their scholarly work at ACSM's Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA. This award is enabled by generous donations from ACSM members and friends of Dr. Wilmore, and by a multi-year commitment by Human Kinetics.

Drawing from Dr. Wilmore’s broad contributions, one award will recognize research presented as Basic Science, and one award will recognize research presented as Applied Science.  Applicants are asked to cite two articles from an archived list of Dr. Wilmore’s work, and identify how their submitted abstract aligns with or was influenced by Dr. Wilmore’s publications. 

Award requirements include:

  1. Must be a doctoral student in good standing, or be engaged in a post-doctoral fellowship, at the time of submission of the abstract for the ACSM Annual Meeting.

  2. Applicant must be a current ACSM member.

  3. Abstract must have the applicant as the first author and have been accepted by the program committee for presentation at ACSM's Annual Meeting.

  4. Must have a faculty sponsor, who must sign the application indicating that the student or fellow is in good standing and is responsible for the research abstract being presented.

  5. A letter (no longer than one page) from the applicant describing: a) the importance of the research being presented; and b) how the research aligns with or is historically linked to two articles published by Dr. Wilmore.  

  6. A comprehensive listing of articles published by Dr. Wilmore, grouped by association to Basic Science, Applied Science, or Basic and Applied Science, can be found here.

2020 Dr. Jack Wilmore Legacy Travel Award Application

Please contact the ACSM Foundation with questions regarding this grant.