Official Communications

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Official Communications of the College

The College has several other mechanisms for distributing key information. These publications contain information warranting promotion and dissemination but do not necessarily represent an official view/stance of ACSM. These communications are typically published in an ACSM journal or distributed through, Sports Medicine Bulletin or the media. 

Team Physician Consensus Conference Statements

TPCC Statements deal with select medical issues in the care and treatment of athletes developed by a distinguished panel of team physicians.

ACSM Viewpoints

ACSM Viewpoints are developed using expert consensus opinion and address breaking news or research in exercise science and sports medicine.

Roundtable Statements

Roundtable Statements are influential documents that provide clear consensus recommendations that define understanding of the topic, as well as highlight suggestions for future research.

ACSM News Releases

News releases are distributed by the college to media and promote strategic initiatives, publications, commentaries, partnerships and timely news pertaining to the organization.

Specialty Conference Summaries

Documents that provide a clear summary of conference activities, discussion, highlight gaps in the field and can include next steps and/or a call to action.

ACSM Sports Medicine Basics

These handouts are one page documents for a layperson addressing timely, emerging and hot topics in exercise science and sports medicine.