Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans


ACSM Scientific Pronouncements: Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

ACSM is pleased to present the scientific reviews underlying the second edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines. Health professionals, scientists, community organizations and policymakers can use the papers included in the ACSM Scientific Pronouncements: Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd Edition to promote more active, healthier lifestyles for individuals and communities.

About the Scientific Pronouncements

  • Comprised of top physical activity and health experts, the Physical Activities Guidelines Advisory Committee (PAGAC) reviewed current scientific literature on physical activity and health and prepared the scientific report for the second edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. Fourteen of the 17 PAGAC committee members are current ACSM members or fellows.

  • Learn more about the best practice systematic review methodology the committee used to generate the scientific report.

  • The PAGAC Scientific Report summarizes the disease prevention and health promotion benefits of being physically active. The report provides the rationale for the second edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

Meet the Authors

Pronouncement authors serve on the Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee.
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Overview of New ACSM Pronouncements


The US Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee Report —Introduction

The history of the human race is reflected in and shaped by the overall levels of physical activity in which we engage. The benefits of an active lifestyle for human survival throughout most of human history are self-evident. However, as advances in food supply and distribution, transportation, labor, and other important areas of human endeavor grew, the drive for efficiency and convenience supplanted the need to move.

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