Earn CECs with These New Online Courses

Designed to bring fitness professionals the latest high-powered content, quality speakers and continuing education, the Virtual Summit Series presents 12 brand new online learning courses. 

These courses are available for individual purchase as well as in a discounted bundle.  

Bundle Option:

The bundle includes all 12 courses and is worth 36 CECs. The bundle also includes a recording of the live keynote lecture presented by Dr. Wendy Suzuki and an exclusive Zumba STRONG workout.
The cost is $450.

Purchase Bundle

Individual Courses:

Each course is priced at $60 and worth 3 CECs. Select the course(s) you are interested in from the detailed list below.

Individual Course Descriptions

  • After School Physical Activity Programs: A Unique New Business Opportunity for Fitness Professionals

  • Balancing Technology with the Human Touch to Promote Exercise is Medicine: Lessons Learned from Clinical Practice

  • Online Training: How to Grow Your Coaching in a Digital Landscape

  • Ergo-Energizer: How to Be Fit If You Must Sit | Workshop

  • Small Adaptations for a Big Impact: Training Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

  • Programming Considerations: Mechanics Matter! | Workshop

  • The Evolving Paradigms of Stretching | Workshop

  • Trade-offs of Paleo, Gluten-Free and Vegan Diets for Active Individuals

  • Is it Science or Sensationalism? Reading Through the Headlines to Fuel Optimal Performance | Industry-Presented Session

  • Microbiome, Macros and Metabolism: What Fitness Professionals Need to Know About Feeding The Inside Tract | Industry-Presented Session

  • Fueling Women's Health at the Critical Stages of Life | Industry-Presented Session

  • Calling All Young Professionals! Tips and Advice for Succeeding in Your Career

ACSM Member-Exclusive Sessions

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