Exercise Interventions for Chronic Disease or Other Health Challenges

Exercise interventions can be tailored to reach individuals with chronic disease or other health challenges such as cancer, hypertension, obesity and low back pain. Proposals should increase the knowledge and competency of health fitness professionals to provide safe and effective exercise prescription for individuals with chronic disease and other health challenges, as well as provide guidance on when to refer a client back to a physician or more specialized exercise training with a clinical exercise physiologist.

Training the Adult with Metabolic Syndrome in the Real World

Interactive Workshop
April 1
9:30 - 11:00 AM CDT


Alexis Batrakoulis

This session provides health and fitness professionals with a greater knowledge and understanding of how to work with clients with metabolic syndrome, who may have health complications that must be managed during structured exercise training. Considering that the prevalence of metabolic syndrome is systematically increasing worldwide, personal trainers and exercise physiologists working in a real-world gym setting need to address several physiological and psychological factors associated with this health condition. Thus, simple assessments, smart warm-up drills, fitness games, partner exercises, progressions and modifications for all primal movements, coaching and cueing techniques will be presented aiming to blend science and application through an interactive case study.

Osteo-friendly Exercises

Interactive Workshop
April 2
1:00 - 2:30 PM CDT


Linda Magee

This workshop is geared toward those working with individuals with osteopenia or osteoarthritis and are limited in spinal flexion movement. The exercises are designed as a library to reference for the instructor. The exercises will assist in achieving strengthening the core, increasing balance, improving range of motion, and developing stability of the core and the periphery. The attendee will walk away with exercises in the supine, quadruped, side-lying, plank, and standing positions while providing functional fitness results. Modifications with hand weights and bands will be given for a majority of the exercises.

1% Better - The Road to Full Potential

Keynote Lecture
April 2
8:00-9:15 AM CDT

Father and son deliver a substantive and inspiring speech that shares Chris’s story and Nik’s underlying principles of success, coaching and execution to achieve your full potential. An accomplishment of this magnitude requires solid foundational principles, a well-designed and executed plan. Nik provides the underlying principles and framework while Chris brings it to life with his story. Hear  the compelling story of how they worked together, so Chris could pursue his dreams and make his goal of becoming the 1st person with Down Syndrome to do a 140.6 IRONMAN® Triathlon.


Chris Nikic


Nik Nikic

Unraveling the Mystery of Low Back Pain

Interactive Workshop
April 1
3:00-4:30 PM CDT

April 2
9:30-11:00 AM CDT

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Kevin Hendry

Why is 'back' pain so incredibly prevalent while 'front' pain is quite rare? This question will provide the foundation for an exploration into assessment and treatment of the organs and viscera. No system in the human body works in isolation and when one system such as the musculoskeletal system is facing an impairment, look to other systems for answers. Healthcare typically aims to suppress the symptoms of the body region that is the victim. This presentation will reveal how to identify and address the body system that is the criminal and root cause of the problem.

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