March 12-15, 2020 • Hilton Atlanta • Atlanta, Georgia
American College of Sports Medicine

Exercise is Medicine®

Exercise is Medicine® is an ACSM global initiative focused on encouraging primary care physicians and other health care providers to include exercise when designing treatment plans for patients. Sessions focus on the integration of exercise into health and heath care. Topics include developing and implementing collaborations with health care providers and facilitating referrals to certified fitness professionals.

President's Lecture: Dosing Exercise for Heart Health, Does Intensity Matter?

William Kraus photo

William E. Kraus, FACSM
ACSM President 2019-2020

We know that exercise is good for health—particularly cardiometabolic health. There is some uncertainty about the role of exercise amount, intensity and mode on cardiometabolic health.  This talk aims to clarify what we know and what is yet to be established.

Balancing Technology with the Human Touch to Promote Exercise is Medicine: Lessons Learned from Clinical Practice


 Reed Humphrey


 Robert Scales

This presentation will use multi-media modalities to demonstrate the clinical application of technology to promote EIM. Attendees will hear how psychologically informed decisions influenced the design of a physical performance evaluation (PPE) room, to integrate the strategic application of innovative technology. A three-dimensional camera system takes attendees on an interactive exploration of the physical work space (virtual tour) and video recorded role playing demonstrations with a standardized client/patient shows four applications of technology. This presentation underlines the importance of effective interpersonal communication to deliver a negotiated treatment plan during in-person consultations and/or remote access communication through a technology supported platform.

The Value of Exercise is Medicine® through the Fitness Professional Lens


 Robyn Stuhr


 Brad Roy

Learn how you can enhance your professional development through the updated EIM Credential. Get an advance peek at the new requirements, structure and exciting EIM online course that will give you the knowledge and confidence to work with individuals with common chronic diseases or medical challenges, including aging clients and those with prediabetes and osteoarthritis. Discover how you can carve out opportunities within fitness facilities and health care systems who recognize the relative value of EIM to their business model. If you want to make a difference in the lives of those who most need physical activity, join the EIM team!

Standardization of Community-based Supervised Exercise Programs: a Pathway to Provider Engagement


 James Groves


 Timothy Marshall

Multiple approaches to providing exercise programs for person's with Chronic Medical Conditions in community settings have surfaced over the past decade. However, most have evolved without any evidence of their efficacy or efforts to standardize their implementation. This session will present an evidence-based model for implementing Community-based Supervised Exercise Programs (CSEP's) and discuss the significance of this model in relation to the movement towards value-based health care.

The Exercise is Medicine® Solution- Integrating Technology to Optimize Fitness Programming- The EIM-OC Technogym Trial


 Carena Winters


 Renee Jeffreys-Heil

Technogym’s MyWellness cloud is an integrative digital solution that can impact the effectiveness of Exercise is Medicine®- On Campus program implementation. Colleagues at Florida Gulf Coast University, University of South Florida and Jacksonville University have undertaken a study which may have relevant implications for providing cutting-edge, evidence-based programming on other campuses. This presentation will review methodology, share preliminary results and identify the success and challenges of leveraging technology.

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