March 12-15, 2020 • Hilton Atlanta • Atlanta, Georgia
American College of Sports Medicine

Exercise Prescription and Programming

Exercise professionals seek information on the latest safe and effective exercise programs. Sessions focus on advancements in exercise prescription or health and fitness programming for healthy individuals based on current research and evidence-based practice. Sessions provide immediate take-aways for the health fitness practitioner. Exercise prescription sessions can focus on any aspects of training including aerobic, resistance training, flexibility, and functional screening and exercise.

Exercise Doesn't Play Fair


 Beth Taylor

Give an individual an exercise program, wait 6 months, and then reassess: will everyone respond the same? No, and this variability in the response to exercise training is frustrating to the client and exercise professional. This lecture addresses some of the factors that contribute to the variable response in exercise training, and highlights strategies to equal the playing field for exercise prescription and training.

Workshop: Do It Right- Teaching Barbell Movements and Implementing a Premium Strength Program in Your Facility


 Kyle Kercher


 Pete Ronai


 Brad Roy

We will provide hands-on workshops to provide attendees with Do It Right primary barbell exercises, training progressions and regressions, and auxiliary exercises. We will split the presentations into a lower body focus on day one and upper and power movements on day two. Sessions to be led by Pete Ronai and Kyle Kercher with Dr. Brad Roy as a moderator.

Workshop: Programming Considerations: Mechanics Matter!


 Mitch Nienhuis

With the growing popularity of social media in the fitness industry, there is a seemingly limitless supply of exercises and variations a personal trainer can choose from. Unfortunately, many of these movements are less than effective based on training goals and can even increase the risk for injury. In this session, Mitch will dig into some common exercise movements, provide some variations, and convey the importance of being precise in your exercise selection and coaching.

Workshop: Stack the Deck for Success: Keeping Recreational Runners Healthy 1X


 Janet Hamilton

Janet will share with participants the tools she has used to successfully coach recreational runners to success in distances from 5k up to 100 mile ultra-marathons over the course of over 20 years as a distance running coach. The focus on proper pace guidance during training is a key element that is under appreciated by the novice runner. Participants will practice using the movement screening tools, to identify issues of limited mobility or stability and will also learn basic interventions that have been successful in alleviating running injuries that are addressed at the earliest stages.

Workshop: The Evolving Paradigms of Stretching


 David Behm

Presentation will involve an initial lecture on the advantages and disadvantages of static and dynamic stretching within a warm-up. Primarily, I wish to highlight how the past 20 years of static stretching research has many limitations and thus static stretching should still be an important part of the warm-up if incorporated into a full dynamic warm-up.

Mini-Workshop: The New Art of Circuit Mastery


 Michael Piercy

Become a circuit programming Sensei! In this session, Mike will discuss techniques and tools to integrate unique and effective programming concepts and equipment to take your circuits to the next level no matter your population. Learn ways to create implement and coach circuit programming as well as formats that you can use in any setting. Learn the secrets to building fun and effective circuit programming along with some of the best modalities that can put a burst of energy into your circuits.

Workshop: ABC's of Core Training


 Lee Burton

Core training is utilized in everyone’s exercise training program. This type of training is often defined differently depending on the exercise professional or individual.  During this session Dr. Burton will discuss the core’s purpose and function, thereby providing a better understanding on how certain exercises or activities impact the core. The focus of the session will be on how to select specific exercises or activities that will have the greatest impact in improving and enhancing core function.  Dr. Burton will demonstrate exercises or drills that focus on self-awareness, breathing and motor control which positively influence core functioning.

Workshop: Answering Controversial Topics Related to Mobility and Health


 Kevin Hendry

RAD Roller’s Director of Education, Kevin Hendry, will discuss current controversies in the fields of injury rehabilitation and performance training and provide evidence based perspectives that have been informed by recent advancements in medical imaging technology. Examples include: Does posture matter? Can we positively affect the tissues of the body with a foam roller? Is manual therapy a good use of time in the process of rehabilitation of an injury? Can simply getting strong solve all of our mobility related ailments? This session will be a combination of lecture and movement based activities.

Workshop: Pound.Rockout.Workout.

Shannon Roentved photo

Shannon Roentved

Unleash your inner rockstar in this cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. Designed for all fitness levels, whether you're a conditioned athlete or a beginner, POUND provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, improving your health, and rocking out! Using Ripstix® lightly weighted exercise drumsticks, participants will learn how to transform drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out. In addition to providing a challenging way to train the body, participants will learn how POUND promotes positive mood, elicits confidence, enhances unity, and ultimately, inspires positive action in life. Participants will leave this session with an understanding of POUND's effect on the mind, body, and inner rockstar.

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