Fitness Management, Communication, Social Media and Professional Development

Strong business and management skills are essential for many health fitness professionals. Topics include program development, management, networking, client retention, marketing, customer service and relationship-building, leadership, safety and current trends in technology (e.g., website, email, mobile apps and social media) as they relate to business and communication in the fitness industry. Topics that help attendees develop new skills for the purpose of advancement in the field are also encouraged.

Using Video and Live Streaming Effectively to make Physical Activity Accessible for All Levels

Live Q&A:
April 8
10:30-11:00 AM EDT


Renee Rogers

Strides in technology have enhanced our ability to live stream fitness videos and engage with fitness participants. The onset of COVID-19 and the closing of fitness facilities escalated the use of technology to keep participants engaged and moving. Recent data shows an increase in home-exercise injuries, alluding to the notion that more focus may need to be placed on participant safety while exercising at home. This presentation will highlight our experience developing and implementing technology-media based interventions from research into practice and present best strategies to do this inclusively and safely.

Removing the Fear of Injury or Reinjury: Steps to Create a Safety Culture

Live Q&A:
April 8
2:45-3:15 PM EDT


JoAnn Eickhoff-Shemek

The CDC (2020) lists fear of injury as a major barrier to physical activity. The CDC also reports that injuries are a leading reason why people stop participating in physical activity. According to NEISS, which tracks causes of injuries, exercise injuries have increased significantly in recent years.  Fitness managers and exercise professionals need to focus on creating a safe culture to reduce the number of injuries and to address the fear of injury or reinjury.

10 Steps to Creating the Optimal Virtual Experience

Live Q&A:
April 9
10:45-11:15 AM EDT

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Fraser Quelch

This unique session focuses on the key steps to creating an incredible virtual training experience that keeps your participants coming back for more and builds a tribe of fierce promoters! Learn how to deepen your engagement and expand your impact in a virtual environment to create an optimal workout experience in every session you deliver. Your business will grow to levels you could have only imagined.

Workshop: Addressing Controversial Health & Fitness Topics

Live Discussion/Demo:
April 9
12:00-12:45 PM EDT

Recommended Equipment: RAD Roller, foam roller and different size inflatable balls (equipment not required to participate or watch)

Rad Roller Logo


Kevin Hendry

The Information Age has made knowledge extremely accessible, yet it also has made it more difficult to separate fact from fiction. This session will address hot button issues in the health and fitness industry and break through the barriers to truth and efficient results. Innovative solutions to common topics such as posture, pain relief, manual therapy and mobility will be discussed.

What Color is your (Speed) Chute? Internship Selection Made Easy!

Live Q&A:
April 9
3:15-3:45 PM EDT


Joseph Quatrochi

In this interactive session, students will participate in important introspection exercises to help identify their optimal internship /career niche. Often, senior-level, undergraduate exercise science students are unaware of the vast range of opportunities available for internships (and employment) until they are forced to select a placement. Examples of traditional and non-traditional internship/employment agencies will be presented along with sample resumes, cover letters and other tools to help simplify the internship selection process. Walk away feeling empowered to pursue the perfect career niche

How to Coach Online Like You Coach Offline

Live Q&A:
April 10
8:00-8:30 AM EDT


Kourtney Thomas

The COVID-19 pandemic contributed to the current shift in the coaching market, forcing health fitness professionals to pivot from face-to-face training to online and virtual delivery. Attend this session to learn about viable options and case studies of successful and professional virtual coaching businesses. Walk away with action steps and a framework to provide a credible, high-quality product to your clienteles virtually.

How to Pivot your Business Toward Innovative Success when the World is Changing in Crisis

Live Q&A:
April 10
11:00-11:30 AM EDT


Doris Thews

The fitness industry is no longer immune to the global issues that can capitalize or crush any company’s lifespan. Learn tips and tools on how to pivot your business toward innovative success when the world is changing in crisis. Doris Thews, a 36-year industry veteran, senior vice president of fitness & innovation for VASA Fitness and CEO of TeamThews Fitness, will help you navigate successfully through a national and global crisis.


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