Physical Activity Throughout the Lifespan

Exercise interventions can be tailored to reach healthy populations including children, middle-aged and older adults and pregnant women. Proposals should focus on program design, modification, implementation and assessment to meet the specific goals, needs and abilities of individuals within a target population.

Workshop: Develop Essential Movement Skills for Youth Clients and Athletes

Live Discussion/Demo:
April 8
9:45-10:30 AM EDT

Recommended Equipment: BOSU and small hand weight (equipment not required to participate or watch)


Mike Bracko

Participation in youth sports is increasing, generating more opportunities for kids to play traditional and non-traditional sports. Personal training and group classes for kids are hot! When training young athletes, they need to develop the key movement patterns before progressing to high levels of training. Movements like acceleration/deceleration, jumping/landing, anti-rotation/core bracing, upper body push/pull, lower body bilateral movements, push-ups, squats, front plank and back bridge are key to athletic development. Delegates will practice the movements and the objective evidence will bring it together for a fun and educational workshop.


Essentials of Youth Fitness: What Every Fitness Professional Needs to Know

Live Q&A:
April 8
11:30 AM-12:00 PM EDT


Avery Faigenbaum

Troubling trends in youth physical activity across the globe call for a new strategy to activate today’s children and adolescents. Join author and expert Avery D. Faigenbaum, EdD, FACSM, as he discusses the essential principles of pediatric exercise science, dispels the misperceptions associated with youth fitness and highlights program design considerations that are safe, effective, enjoyable and creative. Gain an understanding of the youth fitness market while appreciating the fact that children are not simply miniature adults. This timely presentation aligns with ACSMs Essentials of Youth Fitness Textbook.

Workshop: 3 WINS Fitness - Back to Basics for Lifelong Health

Live Discussion/Demo:
April 9
10:30-11:15 AM EDT


Jenny Vo


Joshua Carlos


Steven Loy


Tony Guerra

3 WINS Fitness is a free, sustainable (10 years) community-based exercise program for under-served sedentary communities delivered by Kinesiology students. In this interactive workshop, learn about Back to Basics, a novel expansion of the six-site program focused on correct execution of all primal movements and functional movement patterns. This program development concentrates on those who fail to engage in the Physical Activity Guidelines, including aerobic and strength-based exercise, with an exceptional emphasis on taking the significant time necessary to build a strength and balance foundation upon which activities leading to lifelong health and fitness can be executed.

Workshop: The 3Bs of Active Aging: Tactics for Brain, Body, Balance

Live Event:
April 9
1:30-3:00 PM EDT

Recommended Equipment: Small stability ball, foam roller, mat and resistance band (equipment not required to participate or watch)

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Erika Quest

As the active aging market continues to boom in numbers, clients seek trained professionals to help them manage aches and pains, prevent injuries, keep a thriving and active lifestyle, as well as provide post-surgery exercise plans. This workshop will focus on the common concerns facing this demographic and exercises to meet their needs, incorporating the 3B System of Brain, Body and Balance. Using the Balanced Body Movement Principles, build confidence in exercise programming and training strategies for this dynamic population.

Workshop: Bingocize®: An Evidence-based Health Promotion Program for Improving the Quality of Life of Older Adults

Live Discussion/Demo:
April 10
8:45-9:30 AM EDT


 Jason Crandall

 Bingocize® is an evidence-based health promotion program that strategically combines exercise, health education and the always popular game of Bingo. Investigations funded by the National institute on Aging and the U.S. Center for Medicare and Medicaid have shown Bingocize is capable of improving functional performance, cognition and health knowledge in older adults with varying levels of physical and cognitive abilities. The program is currently implemented in all types of older adult facilities using a mobile app or an offline version. A unique model is available to facilitate partnerships between older adult facilities and university staff and students.

Physical Activity during Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period: The Impact of Women's Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs

Live Q&A:
April 10
11:00-11:30 AM EDT


Kate Olscamp

Physical activity during pregnancy and the postpartum period has many health benefits. Yet, many women aren’t getting the activity they need. Health and fitness professionals play an important role in helping women get and stay active during pregnancy and postpartum. Move Your WaySM , a campaign to get Americans moving, just added materials specifically for moms and moms-to-be. This presentation will share free tools and resources, highlight physical activity recommendations for pregnant and postpartum women, and discuss key findings from qualitative research with women and the health care providers that care for them.


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