Physical Activity Throughout the Lifespan

Exercise interventions can be tailored to reach healthy populations including children, middle-aged and older adults and pregnant women. Proposals should focus on program design, modification, implementation and assessment to meet the specific goals, needs and abilities of individuals within a target population.

Empowered Play: Using Character Strengths and Social/Emotional Support to Spark Joy in your Students

Interactive Workshop
April 1
1:00-2:30 PM CDT


Farrah Zweig

Harnessing each student’s character strengths and guiding them in the discovery of embracing and celebrating those qualities can lead to a lifetime of success and participation in physical activity. Equip yourself in integrating social-emotional learning, resilience and self-regulation so you spend less time policing behavior and more time playing and teaching skills.  Combining physical literacy, growth mindset and positive psychology with students' unique persona will prepare and motivate you with the knowledge to create intentional programming that promotes both engagement and positive youth development.


Get Up, Stay Up, Move: Creating Safe and Effective Exercise Plans for Older Adults

Interactive Workshop
April 1
3:00 PM-4:30 PM CDT
During this interactive workshop we'll review how to create robust exercise programs for older adults. The three keys include comprehensive pre-screening, proper exercise ordering, and progression to high intensity. We'll introduce you to pre-screening instruments like MoCA (an easy-to-use tool that can identify mild cognitive impairment), review why exercise order is important for people at elevated risk for falls, and illustrate the importance of designing exercise programs that progress to high intensity by having you participate in progressively more intense balance training. Adopting these concepts will allow you to become an important part of your older clients’ medical care teams.


Jeff Schlicht

Maria FS

Maria Fiatarone Singh


Michael Inskip

Training for the Sport of Motherhood: Designing Programs that are Best for the Bump

Interactive Workshop
April 2
1:00-2:30 PM CDT


Ashley Reid

Exercise is one of the most powerful tools during pregnancy. Guidelines recommend a variety of exercise including resistance training and pelvic floor work to help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, manage weight, and promote mental wellbeing. This interactive workshop will teach you how to implement prenatal strength and core training that goes beyond modifications. This session will highlight assessment, program design, and implementation strategies to help your clients move well, gain strength and confidence, and stay active during all 40 weeks of pregnancy. Be inspired and receive practical information to help your clients train for the sport of motherhood.

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