March 12-15, 2020 • Hilton Atlanta • Atlanta, Georgia
American College of Sports Medicine

Trends and Updates in Nutrition

Exercise professionals need help differentiating between nutrition myths and scientifically sound principles. Sessions provide research-based nutrition information and answer questions regarding evidence-based guidelines, dietary supplements, fads and trends, fueling for athletic performance and overall healthy eating principles.

Clean Eating: Unintended Consequences for Active People


 Nancy Clark

The same personality traits that contribute to fitness success (dedication, discipline) can easily create nutritional problems. Fitness exercisers and athletes who choose to "eat clean" can suffer from not only the "food jail" of orthorexia, but also deficiency of several nutrients. This session will include case studies that expose the unintended health consequences seen among "clean eating" fitness exercisers and athletes.

Tradeoffs of Paleo, Gluten-Free, and Vegan Diets for Active Individuals

Lynn Cialdella-Kam photo

 Lynn Cialdella-Kam

This session will begin with an overview of nutrition deficiencies and health concerns related to diets that exclude foods or food groups. Paleo Diet for Athletes, Gluten Free Diet, and Vegan Diet will be defined with an example menu for an athlete and for a recreationally active individual. The health benefits and concerns of each diet will be discussed with practical recommendations and tools provided.

Why Do We Seem So Confused about Exercise and Appetite?


Barry Braun

Barry Braun will pose and address several long-standing questions related to how exercise influences appetite and satiety. Given the confusion in both the lay and scientific communities around this topic, this is a timely discussion that has important implications for the role for exercise in weight loss and maintenance.

Fueling Women's Health at the Critical Stages of Life

Jessica Crandall-Snyder photo

Jessica Crandall-Snyder

From the casual exerciser to the extreme athlete, females have differing nutritional needs to optimize athletic performance. Jessica will take a decade-by-decade approach to uncover the physical and social strengths and challenges of healthy eating at every age; from fad diets to scheduling challenges and metabolic changes. Attendees will learn how to best support muscle mass and energy requirement at each stage of life.

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