2023 In-Person Session Schedule

In-person session listings

In-Person Session Listings

ACSM's International Health & Fitness Summit is the ONE place where health fitness professionals like you can explore the full spectrum of the field. 

Whether you join us in Arlington, VA for the most interactive, hands-on Summit experience ever or partake in our online programming, the ACSM International Health & Fitness Summit will provide cutting edge content for our attendees.

Check back for updates on our scheduled sessions! 

2023 Summit In-Person Session Listing

  • In-Person Session Listing

    Session Type Session Title  Speaker(s) 
    Keynote Lecture In Search of the Unbreakable Warrior Allison Brager
    Interactive Workshop 2022 Certified Professional of the Year Lecture: Health is the New Wealth: Get Ready ACSM Certified Pros! Alexis Batrakoulis
    Interactive Workshop Better Warm-Ups for Better Movement Christopher Rash
    Interactive Workshop Boosting the Brain with Cognitive Tasks: Dual-Tasking Principles and Application Keli Roberts, Ryan Glatt
    Interactive Workshop Bulletproof Your Feet Emily Splichal
    Interactive Workshop Challenging Autism With Exercise David Geslak
    Interactive Workshop Corrective Exercises to Improve Balance in Older Adults Cody Sipe
    Interactive Workshop Friday Active Afternoon Paul Gallo, Peter Ronai
    Interactive Workshop Forging Trust & Partnerships Between Fitness Professionals & Physicians Michael Stack
    Interactive Workshop Mom's Making a Comeback: The Implementation of Postpartum Corrective Exercise Rachael Lewis
    Interactive Workshop Proper Form is a “Joint Effort”: Identifying Functional “Limbitations” to Improve Technique Robert Powell
    Interactive Workshop Risk Management for Fitness Managers and Professionals: Lessons Learned from 10 Negligence Lawsuits JOANN EICKHOFF-SHEMEK
    Interactive Workshop Take Care of Yourself First: Ten Self-Care Tips to Prevent Burnout as a Personal Trainer Rachelle Reed, Rebecca Langton
    Interactive Workshop The Five Foundational Elements of Building your Business and Brand Geralyn Coopersmith
    Interactive Workshop Total Body Mobility Helen Vanderburg
    Interactive Workshop Using Strong Conversation Skills to Find a Client's Why: Walk the Walk, and Talk the Talk Sara Kovacs, Emily Van Wasshenova
    Interactive Workshop Wearable Fitness Technology: Capabilities, Data, and Strategies for Client Outcomes Enhancing Integration Ted Vickey
    Becoming Essential – establishing health and fitness professionals as an essential part of the health ecosystem. Brian Biagoli, Francis Neric, Graham Melstrand
    Lecture Don't Sleep on Sleep: A Practical Coaching Framework Nick Lambe
    Lecture The Best of the Rest: Beyond the International Olympic Committee Consensus Statement on Effective Dietary Supplements Eric Rawson
    Lecture The New Standard for Inclusive Fitness Across the Lifespan Kelly Bonner, Paige Denison
    Lecture Using PERMA to create PERMANENT changes in the lives of clients and patients: A new psychology of behavior change Erika Jackson
    Specialty Workout Encore! One More Time! Alex McLean
    Specialty Workout Explore Curiosity, Creativity, and Courage in CounterFlow Yoga Summer Sides
    Specialty Workout Feeling Grounded, Feeling Confident Stacey Lei Krauss
    Specialty Workout Fusion Frenzy Alex McLean
    Specialty Workout MINDFITNESS Workout: A Revolutionary Approach To Fitness Susan Agrios
    Specialty Workout Themed Workouts: How to retain, attract and thrive in this new fitness climate. Natalie Bayersdorfer
    Specialty Workout Training the Athletic Advantage Dane Robinson

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