2021 ACSM Annual Meeting

  • June 1 – 5, 2021
  • Washington,D.C.


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Under this drop down, you will see a page for past Annual Meetings (hover over 'Future/Past Meetings' tab) - on these pages, you’ll find links to abstracts, videos and audio recordings.

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Looking for abstracts for a year prior to 2016? 

To view abstracts from prior Annual Meetings, visit the MSSE journal website. Click on the year you are searching, scroll down to Supplements and click on the Free issue (which is the Annual Meeting abstract supplement issue).

Understanding the Abstract Listings

Understanding Abstract Image

Author Index Number (Fig. 1)  
This number represents the author index number for each presenter, chair or discussant.
Poster Board Numbers (Fig. 2)  The poster board number for poster abstract presentations can be found in between the author index number and the presentation time.
Abstract Author Block Numbering (Fig. 3)  Superscripted numbers following names in the abstract author block coincide with the numbered affiliation listed at the end of the author block.
Presentation Time (Fig. 4)  This time indicates the presentation time of the abstract being presented, not the session time. Speaker Disclosure (Fig. 5)  Speakers have been asked to disclose any financial relationships they have had during the past 12 months with any commercial interest. (A commercial interest is any entity producing, marketing, reselling, or distributing healthcare goods, or services consumed by, or used on, patients) so ACSM can resolve any potential conflict of interest prior to the activity. Speakers who have disclosed a relevant financial relationship report the name of the company and the relationship in parenthesis after his/her name. Speakers who have returned disclosure forms indicating they have had no financial relationships during the past 12 months with any commercial interest will be listed in the Final Program with the following statement: “(No relationships reported).” All relationships reported do not impact the ability for the presenter to provide an unbiased presentation.

Abstract Body For all sessions including abstracts, the abstract body is found in the MSSE® publication found in PDFs on the Annual Meeting Website. Authors can be found by looking up the Author Index Number (Fig. 1)

Abstract Title / Author Blocks The abstract titles and all author block information were prepared by the submitter at the time of submission. The accuracy, form of citation, designation, nomenclature and the like, all remain the responsibility of the submitter.

Clinical Programming

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World Congress on the Basic Science of Exercise in Regenerative Medicine