2019 EIM Conference in Amsterdam

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2019 EIM Conference in Amsterdam

  • Dates:
    Sep 20 - Sep 21, 2019
    Sep 21, 2019

You are invited to attend the eighth European Initiative for Exercise is Medicine (EIM) conference. The programme covers various content matters regarding EIM (youth, specific patient groups, specific settings), as well as topics of particular interest such as the ethics of EIM, the role of big data and modern technology and marketing EIM.

A number of excellent local  and international speakers are scheduled to provide challenging insight in health initiatives, primary care, modern technology, rehabilitation and much more. 

  • Heleen Riper, VU University Amsterdam (NL)
  • Rienk Dekker, University of Groningen (NL)
  • Mai Chin A Paw, Amsterdam UMC, VUmc (NL)
  • Joost Klaase, University of Groningen (NL)
  • Sonja de Groot, Amsterdam Rehabilitation Resarch Center / Reade (NL)
  • Menno de Bree, University of Groningen (NL)
  • Tom de Bruijne, SUE Amsterdam & Behavioural Design Academy (NL)
  • Philip Treleaven (UK)
  • Kathryn Schmitz (USA)
  • Mats Borjesson (Sweden)
  • Ulf Ekelund (Norway)
  • Esther van Sluijs (UK)
  • Claus Reinsberger (Germany)
  • Ugo Giordano (Italy)
  • Kathleen Martin-Ginis (Canada)
  • James Rimmer (USA)