10 Sports Nutrition Myths Busted | CEC Course

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10 Sports Nutrition Myths Busted | CEC Course

| Mar 10, 2021

Sports Nutrition CEC Course 

10 Sports Nutrition Myths Busted - Video Course

1. Omega-3-fatty acids provide a boost that young athletes can’t afford to miss – Professor Lawrence Spriet
2. There’s only one number to remember when it comes to protein for athletes – 0.3 g/kg – Professor Stuart Phillips
3. Eating just before bed makes an athlete fat – Professor Mike Ormsbee
4. A gluten free diet cures marathon gut problems - and there’s so many wonderful things to eat - Dr Trent Stellingwerff
5. Caffeine should be avoided due to its diuretic effect – Professor Ron Maughan
6. The vegan diet is unlikely to support optimal performance in athletes due to lack of leucine to trigger muscle protein synthesis – Nancy Clark.
7. Creatine is bad for your kidneys - Professor Eric Rawson
8. All athletes need to take Vitamin D – Dr Graeme Close
9. Females and males respond differently to popular supplements – Professor Louise Burke
10. Exogenous ketone supplements provide the health and performance effects of fasting and ketogenic diets – Dr Brendan Egan

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