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About EXOS

EXOS has been leading the way in workplace wellness for over two decades, creating evidence-based employee wellness programs for global companies across a number of industries. EXOS’ health solutions come to life through a combination of wellness services, technology, fitness facilities, and performance staff, and are always within reach — online, via mobile apps, and through in-person coaching. EXOS has over 150 corporate clients and 400 locations in 30 countries. 

EXOS Education

Take your career and your clients’ performance to the next level with EXOS’ online education and training. Gain knowledge in your area of expertise, and stay up to date on the latest performance research, all while earning ACSM continuing education credits.

EXOS Presents: Multidirectional Speed

This course focuses on the non-reactive properties of multidirectional speed. Emphasis is placed on focused movement strategies for developing the shuffle and offering instruction, error identification and correction, and cueing.

EXOS Presents: Movement Preparation

This course redefines the term warm-up and focuses on dynamic stretching methods and movement strategies for hip activation. Specific emphasis is placed on instruction, error identification and correction, and cueing.

EXOS Presents: Medicine Ball

Learn how medicine balls may be used to enhance performance and decrease the risk of injury. Also receive instruction on movement strategies such as stance, movement direction, error identification and correction, and cueing.

EXOS Presents: Integrating Nutrition into Training

Learn about the EXOS performance nutrition principles you can use to systematically help your clients upgrade nutritional behaviors that will play a significant role in maximizing energy, improving recovery, and creating a new nutrition "normal".

EXOS Careers

Since its founding in 1999, EXOS has become a leader in proactive health and performance, trusted by elite athletes, the military, community organizations, and innovative companies worldwide. EXOS offers a comprehensive benefits plan that reflects our culture of leading a healthy, well-balanced life.
With tools to care for your health, plan for your future, and enhance your skill set, you can build a
one-of-a-kind career with EXOS.

Careers at EXOS