ACSMs Body Composition Assessment

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ACSM's Body Composition Assessment

ACSM’s Body Composition Assessment is a practical guide for researchers, clinicians, practitioners, and students. The book pairs in-depth technical information with practical insights, making it an easy-to-follow resource. The book includes descriptions of body composition methods for use in both laboratory and field settings, carefully described protocols for the standardization of each method, and advantages and limitations for each method following a standardized protocol.

Course adopters will have access to the image bank that includes many figures, photos, and tables from the book and audio-narrated PowerPoint slides that walk through key points and assessments in each chapter.

From the foundational components of body composition terms and concepts to applying the techniques in specific populations, readers will have access to a wealth of knowledge in the field from the experts. 

Key Topics

  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Body Composition and Assessment
  • Chapter 2. Body Composition Models and Reference Methods
  • Chapter 3. Body Composition Laboratory Methods
  • Chapter 4. Body Composition Field Methods
  • Chapter 5. Assessing Measurement Error
  • Chapter 6. Estimation of Minimum Weight
  • Chapter 7. Applying Body Composition Methods to Specific Populations
  • Chapter 8. Body Composition Applications
Editors: Timothy G. Lohman, PhD.,  and Laurie A. Milliken, Ph.D., FACSM

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