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Current Sports Medicine Reports

Respond to the needs of your patients. Current Sports Medicine Reports (CSMR), a monthly e-journal for clinician members, responds to your unique information needs by addressing one sports medicine topic in-depth in each issue. This is one of the most thorough reviews of current sports medicine literature you’ll find out there.

CSMR provides peer-reviewed case reports and section articles in the following topical areas:

  • Head, Neck and Spine Conditions
  • General Medical Conditions
  • Abdominal and Chest Conditions
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Sideline and Event Management
  • Training, Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Exercise is Medicine
  • Nutrition and Ergogenic aids
  • Extremity and Joint Conditions
  • Sport-specific Illness and Injury
  • Competitive Athletes
  • Special Populations

ISSN: 1537-890X
Journal Impact Factor: 1.8

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Current Sports Medicine Reports