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Research studies continue to reveal that exercise may positively affect both health and other challenges of those with autism. As further evidence, it was noted in a conference presentation on the National Survey of Autism Treatment Effectiveness that surveyed parents of children with autism rated exercise as a top treatment for their children.

Training people with autism requires using the same tools and protocols that have been successfully implemented in the classroom but rarely make it to the gym. To do this effectively, fitness professionals must be educated on how to implement these evidence-based practices.

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Autism Exercise Specialist

Developed in partnership with Exercise Connection, the Autism Exercise Specialist certificate is available to exercise professionals, physical or adapted physical education teachers, physical therapists, recreational therapists, or special education professionals. The successful certificate holder is a professional who understands the needs and strategies used with autism when implementing an individual or group exercise program in a gym, home or classroom setting.

The Autism Exercise Specialist online course is the first step in earning the certificate. After completing the online course the applicant must then complete a workshop either in-person or virtually. The online course can also be taken as a standalone course for continuing education credits (6 CECs). 

Discounted member price: $90
Standard price: $120
Online workshop: $350

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Two Steps to Earning the Certificate:

Step 1 | Complete the Online Course

Step 2 | Take the Workshop

The Autism Exercise Specialist certificate will soon move to an advanced, online course. Check back for details.

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