2022 ACSM Research Grant Recipients

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2022-2023 Research Grant Awardees

We congratulate our 2022-2023 award recipients on their achievement!

ACSM Foundation Doctoral Student Research Grant

Lexie Beemer

Lexie Beemer, M.S.

University of Michigan

"Child engagement during a virtual, instructor-led, physical activity program at home"


Michael Belbis

Michael Belbis, M.S.

Purdue University

"Effects of dietary nitrate supplementation on exercise tolerance in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction"

David Buckley

David Buckley, M.S.

University of Texas at Arlington

"Influence of exercise on age-related metabolic dysfunction: role of local inflammation"


Rachel Cottle

Rachel Cottle, M.S.

The Pennsylvania State University

"Identification of critical thermal environments for aged adults at rest"


Ashley Darling

Ashley Darling, M.S.

University of Texas at Arlington

"The moderating influence of physical activity on the link between daily stress vulnerability & blood pressure reactivity"

Kirsten Dunlap

Kirsten Dunlap, M.S.

Florida State University

"Defining the responsiveness of glucocorticoid myopathic skeletal muscle to resistance exercise"

Micah Garcia

Micah Garcia, M.S.

University of Toledo

"Biomechanical and psychophysiological responses of adolescent runners to cadence manipulation in a natural environment"

Thomas Gooding

Thomas Gooding, M.Ed.

Washington State University

"Functional vs. Non-Functional overreach markers from a 3-week exercise training protocol"

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Brooks Hibner

University of Illinois at Chicago

"Ventricular-Vascular Coupling in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis"

Noah Hutchinson

Noah Hutchinson

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"Voluntary wheel running and systemic lactate in Immunometabolic alleviation of Dextran Sodium Sulfate induced Colitis"


Jonathan Kenyon

Jonathan Kenyon, M.S., ACSM-EP

Virginia Commonwealth University

"Sedentary Behavior, Physical Activity, Sleep, and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Heart Failure: 24-h Movement Behaviors"

Shelby Keye

Shelby Keye, M.S.

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

"IPALS Movement: Effects of a physical activity program on behavioral and neural measurers of motor function in children"

Ryan Montalvo

Ryan Montalvo, M.S.

University of Florida

"Determining Underlying Cardioprotective Mechanisms of Exercise Related to Doxorubicin Accumulation in Mitochondria"

Bohyun Ro

Bohyun Ro, M.S.

Purdue University

"Home-based leg heat therapy to combat age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass and function"

Emily Rogers

Emily Rogers, M.S.

University of Iowa

"Resistance Exercise Breaks as a Strategy to Augment Vascular Insulin Sensitivity during Prolonged Sitting"

Anaissa Ruiz

Anaissa Ruiz, M.S.

Arizona State University

"Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to Enhance Physical Activity Behavior"

Sara Sherman

Sara Sherman, M.S.

University of Illinois at Chicago

"Blood Flow and Blood Pressure Investigation in Down syndrome"

Abigail Tice

Abigail Tice, M.S.

Florida State University

"The potential protective effects of daily exercise against alcohol-induced disruptions to muscle clock oscillation"

Molly Wong Vega

Molly Wong Vega, M.S.

University of Houston

"Physical Activity Program Effect on Skeletal Muscle Biomarkers in Pediatric Chronic Kidney Disease"

Research Endowment

Forrest Baker

Forrest Baker, Ph.D.

University of Arizona

"Exercise, Monocytes, and γδ T-Cells: The Potential to Enhance Cell Therapy for Hematological Malignancies"

Kolter Grigsby

Kolter Grigsby, Ph.D.

Oregon Health and Science University

"Characterization of the neural networks engaged during the reinforcement of voluntary physical activity"

Carl V. Gisolfi Memorial Fund

Elizabeth Gideon

Elizabeth Gideon, M.S.

Northern Arizona University

"Increased plasma osmolality and respiratory mechanics; an effect of sex?"

Clinical Sports Medicine Endowment

Eric Schussler

Eric Schussler, Ph.D.

Old Dominion University

"Validation of a portable virtual reality Clinical Test of Sensory Integration and Balance"

Paffenbarger-Blair Fund for Epidemiological Research on Physical Activity

Bjoern Hornikel

Bjoern Hornikel, Ph.D.

University of Alabama at Birmingham

"Developing and Validating VO2 prediction from 6-Minute Walk Test and Associating with CVD Risk Factors: The CARDIA Study"

World Athletics Research Grant

Amy-Lee Bowler

Amy-Lee Bowler, Ph.D.

Bond University

"Day-to-day glycaemic variability of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) in elite endurance athletes"