Certified Professional of the Year


ACSM’s Committee for Certification and Registry Boards and the Health & Fitness Summit Program Committees are proud to announce the ACSM Certified Professional of the Year.

The ACSM Certified Professional of the Year is awarded to an outstanding ACSM Certified Professional to recognize their dedication and exceptional contributions towards enhancing the health and wellness of individuals in their community.

Winner of the 2021 Award:

kristin traskie

Kristin A. Traskie, MPH, ACSM-CPT, EIM Level 1

Kristin Traskie’s mission is clear: Create a culture of health and well-being on the Michigan State University (MSU) campus. She uses research-backed knowledge from her multiple fitness certifications to create holistic wellness and movement opportunities. Her work through MSU’s Health Promotion Department, Exercise is Medicine on Campus® initiative, Well-Being Coalition and The SPARTAN fit Fitness and Wellness Program is improving health outcomes and life satisfaction.

Finalists for the 2021 Award:

Alexis Batrakoulis

Alexis Batrakoulis, M.S., ACSM-EP, ACSM-CPT, EIM Level 2

Master trainer, personal trainer of the year, founder, exercise physiologist, author and international speaker. Those are just a few of the titles Alexis Batrakoulis has held in his 26-year career in the health fitness industry. He holds a master’s degree in exercise and health, as well as multiple fitness certifications. A practitioner and educator, Alexis dedicates his time and work to helping people live longer, healthier lives.

David Geslak ACSM

David S. Geslak, ACSM-EP

An interaction with a client early in David Geslak’s career serendipitously sparked a passion and his future course in the fitness industry. Helping people with autism became David’s life mantra. He has pioneered autism exercise programs, autism research, the award-winning app, Exercise Buddy, and established the Exercise Connection. David’s work continues to assist those with Autism reach their health fitness goals and ultimately improve their lives.

More Information about the ACSM Certified Professional of the Year


  • Currently hold an ACSM certification in good standing
  • Work at least 20 hours per week as an exercise professional

Application Requirements:

  • Resume (up to three pages)
  • Three brief statements that highlight your (1) professional contribution to the field, (2) wellness-related community service, and (3) investment in professional growth. Additional information about personal statements can be found on the application page.
  • Two letters of references in support of your impact on the field or clients/patients/community.

Awarded Benefits:

  • Complimentary 2021 ACSM International Health & Fitness Summit registration
  • Acknowledgment on the ACSM website and in the ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal  
  • Complimentary 1-year ACSM Alliance Membership
  • Beautiful glass award, award certificate and digital badge 
  • Press release sent to hundreds of media contacts
  • Opportunity to serve as an ACSM media spokesperson
  • And more…