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ACSM-CASM Credentialed Chinese
Personal Fitness Trainer

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The ACSM Chinese Certified Personal Fitness Trainer certificate is for individuals who want to learn how to conduct initial client consultations and assessments, develop and implement exercise programming, and learn about exercise leadership and client education, and professional and legal responsibilities to work in China. 

Candidates must possess a high school diploma or equivalent and intend to work with apparently healthy individuals and those with stable health challenges to enhance fitness.

Important notice concerning testing in areas affected by COVID-19 (coronavirus)


ACSM and CASM co-developed this in-person assessment-based certificate titled “ACSM-CASM Credentialed Personal Fitness Trainer.” 

  1. Instruct and train participants in acquiring specific knowledge, skills, and/or competencies associated with personal fitness training;

  2. Evaluate participants’ accomplishment of the intended learning outcomes; and,

  3. Award a certificate only to those participants who meet the performance, proficiency, and passing standard for the written and performance assessments.


Qualified List

View a list of all qualified ACSM-CASM personal trainers. The information includes name, testing location, credential number, issue date, and expiration date. 

ACSM/CASM CPT List (as of 31-March-2021)

Chinese Association of Sports Medicine (CASM)

Chinese Association of Sports Medicine (CASM) was established in 1978 and became one of the branches of China Sports Science Society (CSSS) in 1980. Now CASM is affiliated to China National Institute of Sports Medicine and represents China as the country member of International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) and Asian Federation of Sports Medicine (AFSM). CASM regularly organizes different kinds of academic activities, such as National Sports Medicine Conference every two years, National Team Physician Training Course every year and other sports medicine related symposium focusing on certain specific topics every year. CASM has its official journal entitled Chinese Journal of Sports Medicine, which is the only core professional journal in Chinese for scientific citation in sports medicine. CASM also frequently join the activities/events organized by international sports science and sports medicine organizations, such as ACSM, NATA, FIMS, AFSM, IOC-MC since 1978. 

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