Exam Prep Resources

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Different Exam Resources for Different Lifestyles

With thousands of new candidates applying for ACSM certification every year, there is no single exam preparation solution that fits every busy lifestyle. ACSM strives to provide optional preparatory materials in multiple formats to assist candidates for the examinations offered.

While some certification routes offer only one or two preparation options, all are available for most candidates. The ACSM does not require, provide, or endorse any specific study guides, training or review courses. Candidates who choose to use and/or purchase preparatory materials are not guaranteed a passing grade on any ACSM examination.

While these resources are not required readings and should not be interpreted as constituting the sole source of all ACSM exam questions, candidates may find them useful when preparing for the exam. Each candidate should develop his or her own personal reading list and study plan based on individual needs and knowledge.

Exam Content Outlines

The exam content outline is the blueprint for your certification examination. Every question on the exam is associated with one of the knowledge or skill statements that are found in the exam content outline. Download the outline that corresponds to the certification of your choice, and you'll also find the percentage of questions within each domain of the exam.

prepU: Not Your Typical Study Guide


More than just a booklet with the same questions for all users, prepU offers a personalized and unique approach to studying. The online program takes an inventory of your proficiency and adapts its questions to make sure you are focusing on the weak areas - sort of like a Personal Trainer for studying. Now available for the GEI, CPT and EP. Learn more. 

Exam Preparation Courses

Prepare for the ACSM-CPT and ACSM-EP exams with convenient, online courses. Learn and study at your own pace with audio and PowerPoint presentations.


Traditional study materials such as textbooks and PDFs are a great supplement to workshops and webinars, but are also beneficial alone. Multiple textbooks are available for most exams.