Irregular Behavior

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Irregular Testing Behavior FAQs

Why is ACSM holding my exam scores?

ACSM enforces several policies to provide fair and consistent testing for all ACSM candidates. Candidates who present with irregular behavior before, during or after an exam may be sanctioned by the ACSM Certification Committee and Registry Board (CCRB).

What is "irregular testing behavior"?

Irregular behavior may include, but is not limited to, having or seeking access to exam materials before the exam, impersonating an examinee or engaging someone else to take the exam by proxy, copying answers from someone else or allowing one's answers to be copied, copying or memorizing and reproducing test items, altering or misrepresenting scores, stealing exam materials, possessing unauthorized materials during a computer-based exam (e.g., including, but not limited to, recording devices, photographic materials, printed reference material) or other such behavior which may cast doubt on the exam results of that or another person. It may also include making false representations during the application process or in connection with certification status, altering or falsifying ACSM certificates or other documents, or making the false representation that one is certified by ACSM by using the legally-protected identity marks.

Who has been affected?

Any candidate who presents with irregular behavior may be subject to disciplinary action such as revocation of certification or revocation of eligibility for future certification for a specified period.

How long will the investigation process take?

Depending on the scope of the investigation, this process can take several weeks or up to a year. There are two stages that must be completed: (1) initial identification of irregular behavior; (2) background investigation. ACSM may request the following documents(or others):
• Detailed explanation of your academic background (e.g., high school, college/university) with support documentation (i.e., transcripts)
• Detailed explanation of services and/or products you used in preparation for the exam
• Detailed explanation of your hands-on experience (including exercise technique and prescription)
• Copy of your current CPR/AED Certification card

Who do I contact if have questions?

Send all questions to