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Random CEC Auditing Process

When you renew your certification, you are only required to acknowledge completion of the required continuing education credits, have current CPR certification and pay the required renewal fee. However, you must retain documented proof of all CECs for one year. Examples of documented proof include certificate copies, letters of attendance with CEC verification, transcripts, copy of first page of article or manuscript showing author, title, publication name, etc.

ACSM audits a percentage of randomly selected ACSM Recertification/Renewal Forms at each credential level every year. If audited, you will be required to provide documented proof of your CECs to the ACSM National Office within 30 days. If you are unable to provide documented proof within 30 days, your certification will be considered "inactive" and you will have one year to complete the recertification process by providing the documentation or by obtaining new CECs.

All audit paperwork will be reviewed for validity by the CCRB Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Subcommittee. If all paperwork is complete and the appropriate number of CECs are earned, you will be notified that your credential is valid until your next recertification due date. If after submission of CECs, it is determined that some CECs are not applicable, an appropriate amount of time will be allowed for you to earn additional replacement CECs.