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Keep Your Certification for Another Three Years!

Thank you for using your ACSM certification to serve clients well. Maintaining your certification is a smart move, and we make it easy while keeping our standards high. 

Ready to renew!

**IMPORTANT: If you haven't created a unique username and password for your ACSM account, your username and password will be the first three letters of your last name and your ACSM ID number (e.g. - ABC123456), and your password will be your ACSM ID number (e.g. - 123456).

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2018 Recert Form 
Download the ARP/ACSM Ringside Physician form.

Recertification FAQs

  • What is recertification?

  • What do I need to do in order to recertify?

  • What if I don't have enough CECs to recertify?

  • After I earn my certification, what are the requirements for recertification?

Renewing Multiple Credentials

 A certified or registered professional who has gained more than one ACSM certification can keep all ACSM certifications current. A $5 fee is charged for each additional credentials that one wishes to keep current. For example, if one wishes to maintain both the ACSM CEP and the ACSM RCEP certifications, the recertification fee would be $60 ($55 for the highest certification, in this case the RCEP, and $5 for the CEP).   

Benefits of ACSM Certification


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