Identity Marks

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ACSM Certification & Registry Identity Mark

General Information

ACSM offers Certification Identity Marks intended for use within a variety of mediums, including business cards, letterhead, service brochures, CVs, personal profiles and/or Web sites.

These identity marks are designed as sub-brands of ACSM's official seal, but will not supplant or be used in place of the official seal. It is not permissible for the official seal to be used for personal purposes in any way.

If you would like to receive the ACSM Certification Identity Mark, email Include your name, ACSM ID, and certification(s).  

Usage Guidelines

By supplying your ACSM Certificate number with name and requesting your certification identity mark, you have indicated that you agree to the following terms:

Permission is granted for you as a Certified or Registered professional to use the ACSM identity mark that is aligned with the specified title designated on your specific ACSM certificate. The mark may be used on personal stationery or internet web sites. Any such usage is self-administered, and any cost associated with usage is the sole responsibility of the individual and not the American College of Sports Medicine. Permission to reprint the ACSM identity mark is provided at no charge and reflects the continued commitment of ACSM to further establish ACSM as the international leader of research, medicine, and education of exercise science and sports medicine institutions internationally.


  • The artwork may be used by Certified and Registered individuals as defined by current ACSM policy. It may not be used if the certification or registration lapses or is revoked.

  • The artwork must be used in its entirety, at the size provided it may not be altered in any way.

  • Color is subject to change based on the following criteria:

  • For print, if used as a primary mark on stationery,

  • use ACSM's standard blue-PMS 287.

  • For Print, if used as a secondary mark on existing media,use black or the primary organization's established secondary color.

  • Format options:

  • Print matter: TIFF

  • Digital and web site: JPEG (not suitable for print usage) must be included on web site use

These guidelines are provided to protect ACSM and its identity system.