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I am a Veteran. Are there any special opportunities for me?

Veterans can use GI Bill monies to pay for an ACSM certification exam.  

Click here to access the GI Bill website

Please search for Approved Certifications Programs in INDIANA to find ACSM certifications.

The VA advises candidates that when dealing certifications, including ACSM certification, it is a reimbursement process, not an enrollment process as it is with universities or colleges.

Veterans must be enrolled under the Post 9-11 GI Bill and must submit four items to the VA to receive reimbursement:

1 - Name and address of the organization providing the certification
2 - A copy of your exam results
3 - The cost of the certification exam
4 - A statement releasing their results

Veteran benefits only apply to a one-time certification up to $2000, and the certification must be accredited as stated on the website. Therefore, they cannot take multiple certification exams and expect to be reimbursed for every certification exam.

To make a claim, first the applicant must submit a VA Form 22-0803 (Request for Reimbursement) to their local VA regional office. Then, the applicant must submit a VA Form 21-4138. Copies of receipt and results must be included.