2020 Virtual Summit Series - ACSM Member Videos

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2020 Virtual Summit Series

Member Exclusive Sessions

These sessions, a part of the 2020 Virtual Summit, have been recorded as an exclusive benefit to ACSM Members and those purchasing the CEC bundle package.

Keynote: The Astonishing Effects of Exercise on the Brain with Wendy Suzuki

We all know how exercise strengthens our body. In this talk, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology, author, speaker and entrepreneur Wendy Suzuki will describe the neuroscience underlying the immediate and long-term effects of regular physical activity on our brains. You will leave this presentation with a better understanding how and why even a single workout is good for our brain function today and how and why it can also protect our brain from aging and neurodegenerative disease states in the future.

Presenter: Wendy Suzuki, New York University, New York, NY

Calling All Young Professionals! Tips and Advice for Succeeding in Your Career

This presentation provides advice to recent graduates and young professionals who are starting their careers in the fitness industry. Learn how to set yourself above your peers and succeed in your career from seasoned professionals in the corporate fitness field. The presenters discuss tips for acing interviews, skills that employers look for beyond education and non-academic qualities that attract employers.

Presenters: Wendy Mastin, BS - Health and Physical Activity, Vice President of Operations, Aquila, Miami, FL, and Lauren Korzan, MA Exercise Physiology, Chair, ACSM-EPC, ACSM-GEI, Regional Program Manager, Aquila, Atlanta, GA