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Autism Exercise Specialist CEC Course

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Annotation 2020-03-30 101605
By David Geslak

An ACSM/EC Autism Exercise Specialist certificate holder is an exercise professional, physical or adapted physical education teacher, or special education professional who understands the needs and strategies used with autism when implementing an individual exercise program in a gym, home or classroom setting.

Learning Objectives:

• Use standard health assessment tools and when available, school-based or private assessments, to develop the foundation of client's exercise program

• Develop exercise programs and demonstrate exercises by applying evidence-based teaching strategies for those with autism

• Lead and motivate individuals in both an individual and group setting

• Use various instructional strategies (e.g., visual supports, videos, technology) to promote physical activity

• Create a positive exercise experience and enhance social skills

• Communicate to autism parents, special educators, and other professionals the value of exercise for the autism community.

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