Member Code of Ethics

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ACSM Member Code of Ethics

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct to carry out our mission and achieve our strategic goals with honesty, equity, inclusion and fairness. This code of ethics is intended to support ACSM's commitment to a culture of openness, transparency and trust; where all  members, volunteers, staff, associates, and guests are treated respectfully and with dignity. To this end, it is essential that all conduct the business of ACSM with the highest ethical standards and require the participation and support of all members, volunteers, staff, associates and guests of ACSM in upholding these standards.

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ACSM expects all members to conduct themselves in an ethical manner. If you believe a member has violated the code of ethics you may file an ethical conduct complaint.  

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  • A. Mission, Values and Basic Tenets

  • B. Principles of Professional Ethical Behavior

  • C. Maintain Good-standing in Regulated Professions

  • D. Public Disclosure of Affiliation

  • E. Conflicts of Interest and Management Plan for Potential Conflict of Interest

  • F. Confidentiality

  • G. Fraud

  • H. Sexual Harassment

  • I. Duty of members to report code of ethics violations

  • J. Process for receiving complaints and investigating ethical breeches or harassment charges

  • K. Disciplinary Procedure