Don't Miss the 49th MWACSM Annual Meeting on October 20-22, 2022 in Indy!

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Don't Miss the 49th MWACSM Annual Meeting on October 20-22, 2022 in Indy!

Apr 02, 2022
Join more than 700 professionals and students for this premier regional conference on October 20th in Indianapolis!  

You'll learn, network, and engage with those as passionate about exercise science and sports medicine as you are!  Visit the annual meeting page for complete details. 

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Jodee Schaben, PhD, Executive Director

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About Us

In 1972, the Midwest Regional Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine (MWACSM) was the first regional chapter to be granted permanent status. It was founded to follow, fulfill and promote, at the regional level, the objectives of the American College of Sports Medicine. The MWACSM is a chapter rich in tradition with a strong student focus. Through the years it has offered its members outstanding educational programs and opportunities for networking through the regional annual meeting.


Joining the Midwest ACSM Chapter ensures easy access and close-to-home educational, professional, and networking opportunities. Members gain access to programs and opportunities in a smaller and more personal environment. Whether it's building knowledge, building networks or building careers, MWACSM can you get there! 

Make the most of your chapter membership-
  • Share your research & present at meetings
  • Connect with like-minded professionals & students
  • Access funding opportunities 
  • Advance your education through first-rate educational offerings
  • Volunteer & serve to get connected and give back
  • Gain exposure to a variety of sports medicine & exercise science professions

Chapter Leaders


Dr. Derek Kingsley

President-Past, FACSM

Dr. Katherine Spillios


Dr. Trent Cayot


Dr. Jodee Schaben

Executive Director

Dr. Abby Peairs


Dr. Amy Gyorkos

Eric Leszczynski

Eric Leszczynski

Student Rep
Grace Seibert

Grace Seibert

Student Rep

Dr. Laura Richardson

CEPA Representative

Dr. Lynn Darby

Historian, FACSM

Dr. Helaine Alessio

Regional Chapter Rep, FACSM

Dr. Keri Denay

Member-at-Large; Year 3

Dr. Brian Rider

Member-at-Large; Year 3

Dr. Kevin Ballard

Member-at-Large; FACSM; Year 3
Angela Hillman

Dr. Angela Hillman

Member-at-Large; Year 2
Ledman, Cassandra 2

Cassandra Ledman

Member-at-Large; Year 2

Dr. Whitney Morelli

Member-at-Large; Year 2
Katherine Currie

Dr. Katharine Currie

Member-at-Large; Year 1
Emily Van Wasshenova

Dr. Emily Van Wasshenova

Member-at-Large; Year 1
Jill Moschelli

Dr. Jill Moschelli

Member-at-Large; Year 1