Spring Meeting Recordings

2022 Spring Meeting Recordings

Below you will find the recorded presentations from the April 8, 2022 meeting.


Prerecorded Sessions and Live Q&A Recordings

Fast and Effective Changes in the Training Program for Athletic Development: Head to Toe

Cal Dietz's Presentation

Cal Dietz's Q&A Session

Revolutionize the Way you Learn: The Ecological Approach to Skill

Rob Gray's Presentation

Rob Gray's Q&A Session

Weight Bias in the Sport and Fitness Industries

Hannah Silva-Breen's Presentation

Hannah Silva-Breen's Q&A Session

Exercise as an Aging Mimetic: New Perspectives on Mechanisms behind Exercise is Medicine

Wesley Lefferts' Presentation

Wesley Lefferts' Q&A Session

Student Presentations

Student Presentations

Exclusive Online-only Content

Data Post-Processing and Statistics in R