TACSM Student Video Contest

TACSM Photo Competition

Cancelled for 2021

Guidelines for submission

Students: the process is designed to be easy for you so we get a lot of entries! Please make sure that the photo that you submit meets the criteria below. When you have all of this ready email your photo to the TACSM Executive Director at txacsm@gmail.com.

  • Each student member can submit one photo for entry in the competition.
  • A maximum of three submissions can be submitted per institution regardless of category.

Your submission should include the following:

  • Your Name
  • Photo
  • Description (Max. 75 words)
  • Category of competition (1. Research in Sports Medicine, 2. Exercise is Medicine, or 3. Fitness in Action)
  • Institution/Affiliation
  • Twitter handle (optional)

Your photo must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum resolution of 50 dpi
  • Minimum pixels of 1500 x 1500 
  • Formats accepted: PNG, TIFF, or JPEG

Your image should be related to one of three categories listed above. For the research competition, the objective would be simply to submit an entry of a photograph that captures some component of research in the areas of exercise physiology, sports medicine, biochemistry, genomics, etc.  For the Exercise is Medicine competition, entrants will submit an entry of a photograph that captures the primary components of the Exercise is Medicine initiative set forth by ACSM. For the fitness competition, the objective would be simply to submit an entry of a photograph that captures the implementation of fitness in any setting including general population, youth, performance, etc. 

All entrants and their submissions are releasing their photos for use by TACSM on social media and website outlets. 

Eligibility:  all submissions must be a current member of TACSM in good standing.

Deadline for submissions: December XX, 20XX at midnight.  Winners will be announced likely by January 1st and then highlighted at the 20XX TACSM Annual Meeting.

Awards:  All submissions will be judged by a small panel consisting of TACSM Board of Directors and the student representatives on the board.  The top 3 in each category will win prize money that will be awarded at the 20XX TACSM Annual Meeting.  final prize money will be determined by the Board, but a total of $600 is allocated for each of the 3 categories for a total award amount of $1800. Winners will also be recognized at the awards ceremony.