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Special Interest Groups

ACSM offers 20 Special Interest Groups that cover diverse, high-level subjects ranging from Aging to Winter Sports Science. The groups are a forum for focused discussion, activity, and debate among members with similar, specific interests. Special Interest groups hold meetings, promote current news and research, share professional opportunities (including job openings, grant opportunities, and more), and connect ACSM members across the country and globe.

Special Interest Groups are free to join for ACSM members, including students. For information on a group's activities, contact the appropriate interest group leader(s) listed below. Ready to join an interest group of your choice? Contact the ACSM Membership Department.

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Affiliate Societies

ACSM’s Affiliate Societies allows large specialty areas of professional interest to align directly with ACSM while being authorized to operate within broadly defined parameters. These groups also have operational and programmatic independence within those parameters.

While ACSM’s Interest Groups continue to act as more informal communities of professionals with common interests, the Affiliate Society model serves those few professional interest areas where there is a sizeable critical mass of members (and prospective members) who desire a more formal and active role in advancing the specialty area aligned with ACSM.

Students and current ACSM members (CEPA only) are eligible for discounted membership rates to affiliate societies. Get more information and learn how to join the following Affiliate Societies:

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