Brown Bag Series in Science: The Science of Sitting Less

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Brown Bag Series in Science: The Science of Sitting Less

Nov. 5, 2019

Monday, November 11 | 12:00 p.m. EST

Brown Bag_NovemberResearch shows that sitting too much negatively affects our health. What, specifically, can special populations like office workers and older adults do to decrease sedentary behavior? Bethany Barone Gibbs, Ph.D., FAHA, will address this question and review results from her recent research studies during ACSM’s next Brown Bag Series in Science webinar on November 11. Her discussion will highlight three sedentary behavior studies: a randomized, cross-over trial evaluating the effects of a sit-stand desk on blood pressure; a six-month intervention in desk workers with chronic low back pain; and a cohort study in pregnant women as it relates to adverse pregnancy outcomes, depression and fetal growth.

Dr. Gibbs is an associate professor in the Department of Health and Physical Activity at the University of Pittsburgh. Trained in cardiovascular epidemiology, she studies the prevention and treatment of obesity and cardiometabolic disease through healthy lifestyle behaviors. Most recently, her research has focused on sedentary behavior.

ACSM’s monthly Brown Bag Series gives students and professionals a chance to learn more about the diverse science ACSM members conduct. Join us for these informal discussions and hear more about what members study, the research methodology they use and some of the interesting results their research generates. View previous webinars.

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