EP/CEP Reimbursement Town Hall: Accreditation

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EP/CEP Reimbursement Town Hall: Accreditation

Nov 10, 2021

ACSM, with guidance from past president William E. Kraus, M.D., FACSM, launched a task force in March 2021 to pursue reimbursement for ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologists® (ACSM-CEPs) and Exercise Physiologists® (ACSM-EPs) within the health care system. To achieve this aspirational goal, ACSM must demonstrate that ACSM-CEPs and ACSM-EPs are uniquely qualified health care professionals that markedly improve patient outcomes and reduce health care costs.

Join ACSM, Dr. Kraus and other members of the Reimbursement Task Force for this special town hall to explore the role of programmatic accreditation in workforce development. Specifically, how exercise physiologists and clinical exercise physiologists are adequately and uniformly prepared for their respective careers.