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Top 10 News Stories of 2020

Each Tuesday afternoon ACSM members receive ACSM's Sports Medicine Bulletin (SMB) in their inbox. Featured in each issue is the In The News section, which highlights news articles that focus on research published in ACSM journals or that feature ACSM members as subject matter experts. We present the Top 10 most read In The News articles of 2020.

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Advance Career, Science & Advocacy Using @Twitter | ACSM Professional Development Webinar
Learning Objectives: • Explain how to develop a Twitter identity • Describe various ways that Twitter can be used in a professional capacity • Recognize elements of an effective Twitter content and communications strategy

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Opportunities for ACSM Members to Participate with
NIH Scientific Review

ACSM aims to facilitate the scientific contribution of its members. As such, we are pleased to offer a new opportunity to utilize your ACSM membership to become engaged with the NIH Center for Scientific Review (CSR). The CSR has launched an online portal through which scientific societies may recommend scientists to serve as NIH reviewers. This new portal results from the need to maintain, refresh, and expand a pool of well-qualified reviewers across the CSR portfolio of granting agencies. We are happy to consider ACSM members interested in serving on a NIH Study Section and recommend their participation if they meet the requirements identified. See here for additional information and the application.


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Research Study Participant Recruitment

ACSM aims to facilitate the science and scientific interaction of its members. As such, we are pleased to offer the opportunity to utilize your ACSM membership and network to promote research needs specific to participant recruitment. ACSM will consider requests from members to promote their recruitment needs (e.g., a summarized research description and call for participants).

A PDF of your completed application (i.e., cover memo, IRB approval, completed request form, copy of survey or questionnaires) can be submitted to Lynette L. Craft, PhD, at

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The core of ACSM is science. While we know you’ll enjoy the numerous presentation and publication opportunities your ACSM membership gets you, we also know you can find these with any scientific organization. What you won’t find anywhere else is the chance to truly leave a legacy through your research. ACSM’s multidisciplinary membership can help you put your research into action by connecting you with the clinicians, health-and-fitness professionals and policymakers who work directly with the public. Your poster presentation, or journal article, is just the beginning.

Though you’ll love the difference your work can make through ACSM, we know you also need resources you can put to use every day in the lab. By joining ACSM, you’ll gain access to the following scientist-focused resources:

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