ACSM ceOnline Customers: New learning management system coming February 1, 2019!

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ACSM ceOnline Customers: New learning management system coming February 1, 2019!

Jan 18, 2019

Online courses purchased but not completed on the existing system must be completed before 2/25/19

ACSM’s ceOnline will be improving its offerings by implementing a new Learning Management System (LMS) on February 1. The new LMS will provide you with a premier experience that includes the best content, the best delivery and the best outcomes for the best price. Along with the excellent content you’ve come to expect from ACSM, you’ll now enjoy many new features on a cutting-edge platform used by respected organizations like the Library of Congress.

With this new platform, you’ll find valuable resources in one convenient location, including:

  • Extensive, relevant content to keep you current

  • New content based on trends and needs of certified professionals

  • Live captured ACSM meeting presentations

  • Hundreds of ACSM landmark journal articles

  • Webinars produced by ACSM and industry presenters

  • One-stop-shopping. Now use the same ACSM login to access your account info, buy courses, register for ACSM meetings, update your address and more!

  • FREE content, from workouts, student sessions, webinars to keynote Lectures (Coming later in 2019)

  • Real-time conversations with experts in your field (Coming later in 2019)

Be sure to login and access the new ACSM ceOnline system on February 1. Continuing education is a critical part of your success, and ACSM will continue to make it easy for you to access excellent content, easy-to-attain documentation and enduring recordkeeping. Ultimately, we’ll help you achieve optimal performance in every aspect of your career.

Have questions? Access our FAQ document here

To purchase courses, use and bookmark this new URL: 

Important Notice: Courses purchased but not completed must be finished by February 25, 2019

With ACSM transitioning to the new learning management system, all completed course records will be transferred to the new system on February 25.  By completing your course(s) by this deadline, we can assure you will have access to all continuing education records in our new system.

If you have purchased but have not completed an online course, you need to do so before February 25, 2019 using the old URL:

To help assure all of your completed continuing education records will transfer to our new platform seamlessly, please complete unfinished course by February 25 using the following instructions:

  • Go to your account and log in at:

  • Click on My Courses 

  • Click on My Continuing Education

  • Under the In Progress heading, you will see those courses you have not finished

  • Complete all your ‘in progress’ courses 

  • Print or save your certificates of completion

Please note: Courses not completed by this deadline will not transfer to the system and cannot be refunded.