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Our library offers a comprehensive collection of books, infographics, articles, videos, publications and more for ACSM members and the public about sports medicine and exercise science. ACSM is dedicated to empowering members and advance a better life for all.  We encourage you to use the search feature or the filters on the left side of the page to locate specific resources of interest. 

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Ten Things You Need to Know About Sports Nutrition

Ten Things You Need to Know About Sports Nutrition

ACSM's Clinical Exercise Physiology

ACSM’s Clinical Exercise Physiology offers research-based coverage of more than 35 conditions commonly seen in practice—from a host of cardiovascular disorders to immunological/hematological disorders. Available in hard copy and ebook.

Nutrition Strategies for Creating a Champion - Evolved | Member Video

Historical nutrition strategies followed by elite athletes were based on beliefs and sport-specific traditions that had little to do with any consideration of human biology and physiology.

Exercising in Space: Implications of Zero Gravity

What happens to the human body when it travels into space? The results are surprisingly similar to aging, except time is rapidly sped up. Watch the video with James Pawelczyk, Ph.D., FACSM.

The Female Athlete Triad

Mary Jane De Souza, Ph.D., FACSM, and Nancy Williams, Sc.D., FACSM, both researchers and professors at Pennsylvania State University, have spent many years studying the Female Athlete Triad. Watch the video.

EIM In Action: Lauren Stobbie

EIM In Action: Mary Stauder

Lifesaving Tool: Seriousness of Knowing Your CPR Training

Knowing how to correctly administer CPR can mean the difference between life and death. Learn more about the importance of CPR certification in this article.

Two Keys to Understanding Pacemaker Settings

Understand how pacemakers are categorized and which pacemakers are best suited to treat certain cardiac rhythms. Then see suggestions on how to ensure that appropriate exercise modalities are selected based on the pacemaker settings.

Exercise is Effective for Weight Loss and Improving Cardiometabolic Health in Overweight-Obese Children

Learn how exercise is effective for weight loss and improving cardiometabolic health in overweight-obese children in this article from Lee Stoner.

Metabolic Equations for Gross VO2 in Metric Units

A helpful guide to metabolic equations.

Energy Cost of Resistance Exercise

How much energy (calories) is burned during resistance training exercise? Learn about this progress in the article from Wayne Westcott.