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Build Your Personal Certification Exam Prep Plan | Infographic

At ACSM, we recognize you are busy, unique and have your own preferences for studying. That’s why we provide study options in multiple formats so you can choose the approach that works best for you. Let this infographic be your guide to setting up your customized exam prep plan!


Selecting the Right Fitness Facility for You | Brochure

Prior to joining a health/fitness facility, you should ask key questions that you need to ask before joining a fitness facility / club / gym in this printable brochure.


Seasonal Produce Chart | Download

Consult this chart from ACSM's American Fitness Index to know what fruits and vegetables are in season throughout the year.


Resistance Training for Health | Infographic

People of all ages and abilities who regularly participate in resistance exercise reduce risk of numerous diseases, improve quality of life and reduce mortality. Learn about the benefits of resistance training and the key components of a resistance training program in this new infographic.


Active Transportation and Climate Change | Infographic

We can all do something about climate change. Learn more about how active transportation can benefit the planet in this infographic.


ACSM's Body Composition Assessment

ACSM’s Health/Fitness Facility Standards and Guidelines, Fifth Edition, presents the current standards and guidelines that help health and fitness establishments provide high-quality service and program offerings within a safe and appropriate environment. Available in both hard copy and ebook.


FITT Recommendations for Hypertension Infographic

Based on the ACSM pronouncement, Physical Activity to Prevent and Treat Hypertension, A Systematic Review, the infographic communicates the updated ACSM Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type or FITT recommendations for hypertension.


Exercising in Hot and Cold Environments

This downloadable brochure contains advice for avoiding environmental-related injuries and conditions.


The Sympathetic Nervous System and Vascular Health

Anna Stanhewicz, Ph.D., and Jody Greaney, Ph.D., FACSM, are scientists at Pennsylvania State University. They have been studying the process in which the sympathetic nervous system communicates with the vascular system during total body heating and cooling, particularly in aging adults.


Exercise Testing and Prescription: Functional Strength Assessment

The short physical performance battery is a composite measure of lower extremity function that predicts the ability to perform activities of daily living.


Exercise Testing and Prescription: Blood Pressure Assessment

The measurement of resting blood pressure is a vital component of any prescreening evaluation. This video shows proper technique for measuring blood pressure.


Exercise Testing and Prescription: Special Considerations for Physical Disabilities

Special considerations should be taken into account when working with individuals with a physical disability.