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Get Involved

From presenting at conferences to leading initiatives, GNYRC ACSM offers a variety of opportunities for you to advance your career and give back to your profession.


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All are welcome to join a committee, see descriptions below to see what fits best for you.

GNYRC-ACSM Committee Descriptions

Most committees are composed of a Chairman appointed by the GNYRC-ACSM President as well as 2 to 5 members. All appointments are to be approved by the Executive Committee.


Programming Committee

Purpose:The development and execution of all conferences conducted by the GNYRC-ACSM
-Select site for both the Spring and Fall GNYRC-ACSM Annual Meetings and any other academic meeting /event/conference that may become part of the GNYRC’s agenda. This includes negotiating and obtaining contract for these events.
-Develop the program for the above events, including selecting and procuring the lecture panel.
-Produce written programs for the events
-Help with day-of event execution

Student Committee
Purpose:Provide GNYRC-ACSM supportive programs for undergraduate and graduate students engaged in the fields of exercise science, nutrition, sports medicine, and any other related discipline attending area colleges and universities.
-Develop and execute programs for the recruitment of students for membership in the GNYRC-ACSM
-Develop and execute plans and procedures for inclusion of students in GNYRC activities
-Develop activities to enhance the educational development of students in the exercise/nutrition/sports medicine fields.
-Promote the establishment of GNYRC students chapters at area colleges and universities.
-Conduct an annual GNYRC-ACSM Student Bowl
-Recruit students and faculty sponsors from area colleges and universities to participate in the Annual GNYRC Student Bowl
-Develop a “Student Bowl” Jeopardy type game annually
-Make arrangements to conduct a Student Bowl competition at an Annual GNYRC-ACSM meeting.
-Produce a written program for the Student Bowl competition
-In conjunction with Treasurer, arrange for prize money to be distributed to the winning student bowl team to enable them to compete at the Annual ACSM Student Bowl

Sponsorship Committee
Purpose:To be responsible for identifying and pursuing potential sponsorship and fundraising opportunities for the GNYRC-ACSM Chapter.
-Identify and develop a plan to engage at least 2 new fundraising or sponsorship opportunities annually
-Work with the EC and GNYRC members to connect and build relationships with potential/existing sponsors or donors
-Reach out to logical sponsors while preparing for conferences and events (working with Conference/Program committee)
-Coordinate sponsor arrangements for events and conferences (working with Conference/Program committee)

Nominations Committee
Purpose:Provide a slate of candidates for the offices of President-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary for the GNYRC-ACSM annual elections.
-Develop a slate of potential candidates for elected positions by talking with current EC and membership
-If appropriate, develop a call for nominations email to solicit nominations from the membership
-Contact nominated members to determine interest in running for selected position
-Chairman to present confirmed slate of candidates to EC for approval
-Committee to work with Secretary to finalize slate layout for elections at Fall Annual meeting
Marketing & Media Committee
Purpose:To manage GNYRC-ACSM online presence and marketing at GNYRC-ACSM events
Responsibilities / Goals:
-Develop regular content for GNYRC-ACSM social media accounts
-Update relevant copy for GNYRC-ACSM website for events or other marketing endeavors
-Develop marketing materials for GNYRC-ACSM events
-Establish and update a marketing strategy for the chapter including potential media outlets to expand reach

Research Committee
Purpose:To manage the abstract submission, review and judging process for GNYRC-ACSM research competitions and events
-Update abstract submission form as needed to reflect requirements of competition or event
-Collect and review abstract submissions for appropriateness based on requirements
-If competition, select judges
-With the Conference/Program committee, coordinate the day-of logistics of abstract competition (i.e. space, getting participants to event, setup)
-Maintain integrity of judging during the competition
-In conjunction with Treasurer, arrange for prize money to be distributed to the winning abstract competitors