Rocky Mountain Chapter

Fall 2022 Lecture Series

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Kelly Pritchett, PhD., RD, CSSD, Associate Professor in Nutrition and Exercise Science, Director of Sports Nutrition, CWU Athletics

Presentation title: Nutrition Considerations for the Para-Athlete

Presentation description: 

While optimal nutrition is key for athlete health and performance, the para-athlete is often overlooked in sports science research. The gap in knowledge around the para-athlete’s physiology and nutrition needs has recently gained attention but more research is warranted. This presentation will describe common nutrition challenges that para-athletes face that may impact sport performance. Furthermore, this presentation will provide an understanding of the challenges with determining energy intake and energy expenditure in this population and how it varies based on the athlete’s impairment. Energy, macronutrient, micronutrient, and hydration considerations and recommendations for this population will be discussed. Finally, because this is a growing area of scientific research, there are many variations in study designs, outcomes, and interpretations when it comes to advising para-athletes about nutrition.

Presentation Date/Time: Wednesday, November 9th @ 5 PM MT

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Headshot_Joe_DelagraveJoe Delagrave, Paralympian, Wheelchair Rugby

Presentation title: We Need Our S.E.L.F. to Succeed

Presentation description:

Discussion on aerobic capacity testing for wheelchair rugby athletes, description of physical and mental training techniques, differences in playing vs. coaching, as well as motivational concepts. 

Presentation date/time: Thursday, November 10th @ 7 PM MT

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Alena Grabowski, PhD, Associate professor, Integrative Physiology

Presentation title: The Science and Regulation of using Running-Specific Leg Prostheses

Presentation description:

The use of running-specific leg prostheses by sprinters with below the knee amputations continues to generate an international controversy of whether their use should be allowed in the Olympic games. Dr. Grabowski will present results from many research studies that have analyzed the effects of using running-specific leg prostheses on performance during sprinting compared to biological legs. Specifically, she will show and compare data from an athlete with bilateral below the knee amputations who uses running-specific leg prostheses and has achieved a 400 m time within Olympic qualifying standards. These data from 400 m performance metrics have been presented to World Athletics and the Court of Arbitration for Sport to directly address a regulation made by World Athletics. This rule states that for an athlete with leg amputations to compete alongside non-amputee athletes in events such as the Olympic games, that athlete must prove on the balance of probabilities that their use of running-specific prostheses does not provide them with an advantage compared to an athlete who does not use such prostheses. 

Presentation date/time: Wednesday, November 16th @ 6 PM MT

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This lecture series is funded by the ACSM Regional Chapter Grant Program.