TACSM Student Bowl


Click here for the TACSM 2025 Student Bowl Rules (Coming in late 2024)

The Texas Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine 2025 Meeting will hold the 16th annual Student Bowl competition.  Student Bowl XVI is a Jeopardy-like competition that will test the participants’ knowledge of Kinesiology and ACSM.  Here is what you need to know:

1.  Each team must consist of 3 undergraduate students who are still enrolled as undergraduates in the Spring semester of 2025.  As in years past, each question is asked of all teams, the teammates will be allowed to discuss the possible answers and provide those answers to their judge. 

2.  Each team must have a faculty sponsor.  For this event, we will allow 30 teams to participate.  The deadline to finalize your team(s) will be on TBA.  Universities may enroll up to two teams, but each team must have a different sponsor/referee.  Multiple teams will only be allowed if slots are still available after all interested universities have been enrolled.  If you requested 2 teams, both teams must be finalized at the TBA deadline. Additional slots will be awarded on a first come - first served basis.  Decisions regarding additional team requests will be made available on TBA. 

3.  Each team must submit the name of a faculty or trainee member to serve as a referee/scorekeeperTeam sponsors may also serve as referees (preferred).  The referee will oversee scoring during the competition and serve as the liaison to the official judges for challenged answers.  All referees will have a mandatory meeting the evening before the competition (to be scheduled later).  This meeting will be brief and allow us to set up the virtual scoring system for the official game.  A charged cell phone with internet access will be required for the scoring system. 

4.  Each team member, sponsor or referee must be pre-registered for the TACSM meeting.  Any team that does not have all team members/faculty sponsor (and optional referee) pre-registered for the TACSM Conference will not be allowed to compete in the Student Bowl.  If you do not meet this deadline, we will remove you from the competition.

5.  All teams/referees/scorekeepers will be required to be at the Student Bowl venue 30 minutes prior to the competition. More details will be provided as the conference approaches.  Teams that are not checked in 30 minutes early will be disqualified and not allowed to participate. 

What we need from the sponsors by TBA is to open the google link below and enter their intention to participate in the 2025 TACSM Student Bowl XVI. Specifically, we will need the name(s) AND e-mail address(es) for team sponsor(s), and whether they wish to enter 1 or 2 teams.  Once we have the list of teams/sponsors, we will send out another link in January to enroll your participants.

Google doc: Coming in late 2024

Click here for the Student Bowl Flyer (Coming in late 2024)

Feel free to contact us with any questions.  More details about the game will be coming after the new year.  Have a happy holiday season and stay safe!

Good luck, and I look forward to hearing from you,


James D. Fluckey, TACSM Regional Rep                              Selina Uranga, MS, Muscle Biology Lab

Texas A&M University                                                                              Texas A&M University