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MARC ACSM Annual Meeting
November 4-5, 2022
Harrisburg, PA

Thank you all for attending the conference this year.

CEC Certificate is available on the annual meeting page s


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 MARC ACSM Newsletter (11/09/22)
This year's award winners are highlighted!

service award
2022 H. Scott Kieffer Service Award recipient - Dr. Sara Campbell

President award
President's Cup Award Winner: 
Candance Longoria - Rutgers University

Check out the Annual Meeting page for all the winners from 2022 MARC ACSM Annual Meeting

ACSM's October Faculty Newsletter

Check out International Journal of Exercise Science for published abstracts from 2021 MARC ACSM Annual Meeting

MARC ACSM Early-Stage Investigator Award

To support early-state investigators aiming to advance the science and practice of sports medicine and exercise, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine (MARC-ACSM) is pleased to announce the Early-Stage Investigator Awards. The Early-Stage Investigator Awards recognize two (2) new investigators of the chapter and provide $1,500 in support of collecting preliminary data, which can be leveraged when applying for larger private and/or federally funded grant applications in the future. Please see here for more information. The deadline to apply is July 31, 2022.

MARC ACSM would like to recognize and congratulate our new fellows in the region
Peter Hosick, Ph.D. (Montclair State U)
Evan Matthews, Ph.D. (Montclair State U)
Brittany Overstreet, Ph.D. (U of Delaware)
Melissa Reed, Ph.D. (West Chester U)
Emily Sauers (East Stroudsburg U)
Adam Susmarski, D.O. (US Naval Academy)
Sharon Taverno Ross, Ph.D. (U of Pittsburgh)

1st Annual New York State ACSM Conference (April 29th, 2022)


1st Annual New Jersey State ACSM Conference (April 29th, 2022)


ACSM Nutrition Interest Group Student Research Award
Nutr Int Grp Student Res App 2022


2022 MARC Conference Proposal Deadline Approaching (March 18th, 2022): 

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter of the ACSM is seeking nominations to serve on its newly formed 
AD HOC Endowment Committee. For more information, click here. 


ACSM is seeking next EIM Emerging Leaders.
To find out more, please click here for more information.

Video recordings of highlighted scientific sessions from 2021 MARC ACSM Annual Meeting are now available to view. Please visit the annual meeting page for the listing.

2021 MARC ACSM College Bowl Trophy Goes to DeSales University !

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 MARC Awards!
Matthew Kerner Undergraduate Student Investigator Award - Jordyn Parks (Towson University)
Master's Student Investigator Award - Sara Mascone (University of Maryland - College Park)
Doctoral Student Investigator Award - Justin Mehrer (University of Delaware)
President's Cup - Andrew Heckel (Syracuse University)
Early Stage Investigator Award - Kate Jochimsen, PhD, ATC (West Virginia University) & S. Tony Wolf, PhD. (Pennsylvania State University)

Deadline Approaching (Jan 14th, 2022)! - Apply for ACSM Research and Travel Awards.
Please click here to find out more information

Check out 2021 ACSM President's Cup Winners!

Congratulations to our proud MARC students from Saint Francis University - the recipients of 2nd place at National ACSM College Bowl 2021!


ACSM 2021 - College Bowl Team Picture

Request for ACSM Fellowship Mentors:
ACSM SHI-Women is seeking mentors within the regional chapter in order to assist the SHI Women in building its mentoring program. Click Women to Fellowship Program Pathway infographic PP5 for more information.

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We aim to foster the professional and educational development of students and to promote the dissemination of health and exercise related information from ACSM National through the scientific resources within MARC.


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Chapter Leaders

Steve LoRusso -web

Stephen LoRusso, PhD

Executive Director

Joohee Sanders, PhD

Associate Executive Director

Devon Dobrosielski, PhD, FACSM

Past President

Michael Bruneau, Jr., PhD, ACSM EP-C, NASM CPT


Emily Sauers, PhD, FACSM


Peter Hosick, PhD

Vice President
Sushant Ranadive

Sushant Ranadive, PhD

Member at Large

Rian Q. Landers-Ramos, PhD, CSCS

Member at Large
Jessica Butts

Jessica Butts, MD

Physician at Large
campbell (2)

Sara Campbell, PhD, FACSM

ACSM Regional Representative
brittany_overstreet (002)

Brittany Overstreet, PhD


Jay Garrels, PhD

New Jersey State Representative

Jason Metz, PhD

West Virginia State Representative

Brian Larouere, PhD

Pennsylvania State Representative

Justin Faller, PhD

New York State Representative

Jim Roberts, PhD

Pennsylvania State Representative

Stephen Ives, PhD

New York State Representative

Melissa Witman, PhD

Delaware State Representative
timothy_jwerner (002)

Timothy Werner

Maryland State Representative
Kyle Pietro

Kyle Pietro

Student Representative