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The Midwest Chapter of the American College of Medicine (MWACSM) was the first regional chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) to be granted permanent status. It was founded to follow, fulfill, and promote, at the regional level, the objective of the ACSM.  This Chapter includes, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin, and the annual meeting has attracted a large number of attendees from the region, growing especially large in the last few years [with over 400 attendees in 2012 (Maumee Bay, OH), 400 in 2013 (Merrillville, IN), 500 in 2014 (Merrillville, IN), 525 in 2015 (Ft. Wayne, IN)… AND 545 in 2016(Ft. Wayne, IN)]. 

Attendees, include undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of sports medicine or exercise science majors, faculty members, clinicians (athletic trainers, clinical EPs, Sports Med Physicians), and fitness/wellness professionals.  We also have a large meeting sessions dedicated to clinicians!

Taking part in our annual meeting would provide your organization exposure to MWACSM members working and/or studying in clinics, hospitals, and health/fitness settings who participate in patient care, education and/or research to market your products and services.

Please contact Dr. Jodee Schaben with any questions.  

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HIGHLIGHTED - Thank you to our 2023 Featured GRADUATE PROGRAMS


  • University of Wisconsin River Falls
    • M.S. Clinical Exercise Physiology (online) [link]
    • M.S. Health and Wellness Management (online) [link]
    • M.S. Strength and Conditioning (online) [link]
  • Baldwin-Wallace University 
    • M.S. Exercise Physiology [link]
  • Ball State University
  • Bowling Green University
    • Athletic Training, Sports Admin, Kinesiology [link]
  • Calvin University
    • M.S. Exercise Science (online) [link]
  • Eastern Illinois University
  • John Carroll University
  • Kent State University
    • M.S. and Ph.D. Exercise Physiology [link]
  • Lipscomb University
    • Exercise and Human Performance [link]
  • Logan University
    • Doctorate of Chiropractic; M.S. Nutrition and Human Performance; M.S. Applied Nutrition and Dietetics; M.S. Sports Science and Rehabilitation; M.S. Strength and Conditioning; M.S. Health Informatics; Ed.D. Health Professions Education [link]
  • Miami University
    • M.S. Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Health, M.S. of Athletic Training, M.S. with Dietetic Internship [link]
  • Michigan Tech University
    • Ph.D. Integrative Physiology; M.S. Kinesiology; Accelerated M.S. Kinesiology; Doctorate in Physical Therapy [link]
  • Northern Illinois University
    • M.S., Ph.D. Kinesiology and PE [link]
  • Northern Michigan University 
    • M.S. in Exercise Science; MS in Applied Sports Psychology; M.S. in Athletic Training; M.S. in Administration of Outdoor Recreation and Nature-Based Tourism [link]
  • Ohio University
    • Exercise Physiology; Clinical Exercise Physiology; Human Performance [link]
    • Athletic Training [link]
  • Purdue University
    • M.S. and Ph.D. in Health and Kinesiology, M.S. in Athletic Training [link]
  • Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
    • M.S. Exercise Physiology; M.S. Dietetics [link]
  • St. Ambrose University
    • M.S. Exercise Physiology [link]
  • University of Cincinnati
    • Doctorate in Physical Therapy; Occupational Therapy Doctorate; M.S. in Athletic Training; M.S. in Nutrition; Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Sciences [link]
  • University of Illinois Chicago
    • Clinical Exercise Physiology [link]
  • University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
    • Clinical Exercise Physiology [link]
  • University of Wisconsin Madison
    • MS Kinesiology; Ph.D. Kinesiology; Occupational Therapy Doctorate; MS Athletic Training [link]
  • Western Michigan University
    • M.S. and Ph.D. Exercise Science [link]
    • Ph.D. Education and Human Development [link]


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