Professional Involvement

The MWACSM is a chapter rich in tradition with a strong focus on professional development.

We are glad that you are visiting our site and are interested in learning more about what the chapter has to offer. As a professional, involvement in this organization provides opportunities for continuing education, a forum for presenting your research, networking/collaboration, and leadership.

MWACSM welcomes your involvement. Please contact Jodee Schaben with any questions or ideas that you have. We would love to hear from you!



1. Attend the Annual Meeting

Attending the MWACSM and ACSM Annual Meetings are some of the best ways to learn more about these organizations, network with outstanding professionals in the field, stay on top of the current research and trends in our field, and get students involved. The MWACSM Annual Meeting is held in the fall and is an affordable regional meeting that showcases outstanding speakers and presentations.

The annual meeting also offers an opportunity to showcase your research  and network with other colleagues in the region with similar interests. There are opportunities for professional talks and student talks (oral or poster). 

2. Join a Committee

MWACSM is able to accomplish its mission through standing and ad hoc committees. At the beginning of each year, the committee chairs and membership are appointed by the incoming President.

Standing Committees:

  1. Abstract Review Committee
    1. Chairperson: Trent Cayot [email]
    2. Description [link]
  2. Awards Committee
    1. Chairperson: Jill Moschelli [email]
    2. Description [link]
  3. Clinical Education Committee
    1. Chairperson: Laura Richardson [email]
    2. Description [link]
  4. Communications Committee
    1. Chairperson: Emily Van Wasshenova [email]
    2. Description [link]
  5. Membership Committee
    1. Chairperson: Cassandra Ledman [email]
    2. Description [link]
  6. Exercise is Medicine Committee
    1. Chairperson: Whitney Morelli [email]
    2. Description [link]
  7. History Committee
    1. Chairperson: Lynn Darby [email]
    2. Description [link]
  8. Jeopardy Committee
    1. Chairperson: Phil Anton [email]
    2. Description [link]
  9. Leadership & Mentoring Program Committee
    1. Chairperson: Brian Rider [email]
    2. Description [link]
  10. Nominations Committee
    1. Chairperson: Angie Hillman [email]
    2. Description [link]

View our governance documents to learn more about each of the committees.

If you are interested in getting involved with a committee - thank you! You can connect with the Chairperson of the committee (see above) or the Executive Director,  Jodee Schaben, with your interest. 

3. Lead the Chapter

One of the benefits of being a member of MWACSM is the opportunity for professional development to include leadership as an officer at the regional chapter level within the American College of Sports Medicine. In addition, active involvement at the chapter level and serving in a leadership capacity are some of the criteria for becoming a Fellow member of ACSM.

Leadership opportunities on the MWACSM Board of Directors include: President-Elect, Member-at-Large, Secretary, and Graduate Student Representative. All positions are held for 3 years.

*Please note that President-Elect and Member-At-Large positions are elected every year, but Secretary and Student Representative positions are only elected every three years. If considering applying for Secretary or Student Representative, please contact the Nominations Committee chair (listed above) to see if those positions are being elected this year.  Self-nominations are encouraged. 

Nomination Application Form [link]
Submit to Committee Chair: Angie Hillman [email]

4. Become a Mentor

The Leadership and Mentoring Program (LMP) is designed to provide a meaningful mentoring relationship aimed at guiding, advancing and inspiring individuals navigating their professional careers. This dynamic and reciprocal relationship facilitates career selection and advancement, accelerates professional growth, and offers exposure to networking and leadership opportunities within Midwest regional and national ACSM.

You are invited to get involved by becoming a mentor to help support a member of the chapter (undergraduate, graduate or professional) in their journey to meet their respective goals and to grow professionally.  

LMP Website & Application Forms  [link]
Submit to Committee Chair: Brian Rider [email]

5. Acknowledge an Active MWACSM Member

MWACSM is looking for members who have been active in our organization and have contributed to our success! Please consider nominating someone for the MWACSM Founder’s Award, which is presented at our Annual Meeting. In addition, each year MWACSM seeks to identify an outstanding ACSM Certified Professional who is involved in our organization and works within the Midwest region. 

-Founder's Award [previous recipients]
-Professional of the Year Award [previous recipients]

Selection Committee Chair: Lynn Darby [email]