Program Tracks

ACSM’s International Health and Fitness Summit features nine lecture tracks that bridge the gap between the science of sports medicine and practice for the fitness professional.

Through educational sessions and workouts you have the opportunity to attend preconferences, workshops, panel discussions and lectures that cover a wide range of disciplines. Presenters highlight practical applications that will help you apply what you learn to everyday situations.

Exercise Interventions for Chronic Disease or Other Health Challenges

Exercise interventions can be tailored to reach individuals with chronic disease or other health challenges such as cancer, hypertension, obesity and low back pain. Proposals should increase the knowledge and competency of the health fitness professional to provide safe and effective exercise prescription for those with chronic disease and other health challenges and provide guidance regarding when to refer a client back to their physician or to more specialized exercise training with a Clinical Exercise Physiologist.

Exercise is Medicine®

Exercise is Medicine® is an ACSM initiative focused on encouraging primary care physicians and other health care providers to include exercise when designing treatment plans for patients. Sessions focus on the integration of exercise into health and heath care. Topics include developing and implementing collaborations with health care providers and facilitating referrals to certified fitness professionals.

Exercise Programming

Health fitness professionals require information on the latest safe and effective exercise programs to more effectively develop appropriate exercise programs. Sessions focus on advancements in fitness assessment, exercise prescription or health and fitness programming based on current research and evidence-based practice. Sessions provide immediate “take-aways” for the health fitness practitioner.

Fitness Management, Communication, Social Media and Professional Development

Strong business and management skills are essential for many health fitness professionals. Topics include program development, management, networking, client retention, marketing, customer service and relationship-building, leadership, safety and current trends in technology (ex., website, e-mail, mobile apps and social media) as they relate to business and communication in the fitness industry. Topics that help attendees develop new skills for the purpose of advancement in the field are also encouraged.

Health Behavior Change and Motivation

Helping individuals adopt and maintain healthy behaviors is an essential skill for health fitness practitioners. Sessions focus on strategies and techniques based on the latest research in psychology and behavior change. Topics include adoption and maintenance of health behaviors, motivation, communication and goal setting.

Physical Activity Throughout the Lifespan

Exercise interventions can be tailored to reach healthy populations including children, middle aged and older adults, and pregnant women. Sessions focus on program design, modification, implementation, and assessment to meet the specific goals, needs and abilities of individuals within a target population.

Trends and Updates in Nutrition

Health fitness professionals need help differentiating between nutrition myths and scientifically sound principles. Sessions provide research-based nutrition information and answer questions regarding evidence-based guidelines, dietary supplements, fads and trends, fueling for athletic performance and overall healthy eating principles.

Worksite Health Promotion

Increasing numbers of employers are offering a coordinated and comprehensive set of health promotion and protection strategies to promote healthy living. Sessions provide the health fitness professional strategies to increase employee health and physical activity. Topics include program design and evaluation, policy development, system infrastructure modifications, and environmental and community supports designed to encourage the health and safety of all employees and their families.

Specialty Workouts

Leaders in the fitness industry will have the opportunity to take Summit attendees through an innovative workout that is highly engaging, and will expose practitioners to new formats and teaching methods that they can apply to their programming for group exercise classes and private clients.

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Program Tracks