Chapter Elections

Chapter Elections

The Northland Chapter is continually seeking candidates to run for election to the NLACSM Executive Committee.  Eligibility to run for office requires a candidate must be a member of both the American College of Sports Medicine and the Northland Regional Chapter.
  • State and At-Large Representatives

    • Odd numbered years
      • North Dakota State Representative (2 year term)
      • Nebraska State Representative (2 year term)
    • Even numbered years
      • Minnesota State Representative (2 year term)
      • South Dakota State Representative (2 year term)
      • At-Large Representative (2 year term)
  • Student Research and Activities Director

    • 3 year term, limited to two consecutive term limits
  • Representative to ACSM's National Student Affairs Committee

    • Term is 2 consecutive annual ACSM meetings
    • The student (undergraduate or graduate) must be enrolled at least half time at the time of election and can fulfill an elected term after graduation
    • National and Northland regional ACSM memberships are required
  • President-Elect

    • 3 year term, beginning January 1, 20XX, in which the candidate will serve one year as President-Elect, President, and Past President, respectively.
    • Previous NLACSM Executive Committee experience preferred


If you are interested in running for election/re-election, please contact the chapter office via email at to declare your candidacy by 11:59pm Monday, November 15, 20XX.

We kindly ask that you please submit

  1. A brief bio sketch (250 words or less)

  2. A head shot to be displayed on the online ballot

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